Tuesday, 5 May 2015



This is my 800 post! Yay!

Now it's past 11 and I need my sleep, so it's probable that this is going to be the shortest milestone post I've ever done.

Just 200 posts away from 1000. I hope I can make it. And in the timeframe of 2 minutes, this is all I wrote for my 800 post. Thank you so, so so, so much for reading and I am really tired so yes, good evening and night to you, and have a great day tomorrow. 'Cause you are awesome...



maopat said...

Hey Willy,
congratulations on your 800 BLOG POST.It is great to see students like you bloging quality work everyday!
Keep your quality work up!

Lavinia said...


Omg Willy! Congratulations for reaching you 800th blog post you have been an amazing blogger through the year it is good to see you blogging a lot. I think your goal should be blogging a lot to reach you 1000th blog post. I can't beileve you've blogged this far I wonder what our whole class is gonna react when they see that your upto 800. Didn't feel like reading a long paragraph but shots for making it short Your The Man Willy !

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