Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Blogging War Ends Here...

Good evening, everyone.

I have an important announcement to make.

Earlier today, during the course between 3:00pm and 4:00pm, the Blogging War, which I had begun myself on accident, and had a stressful time being in it with the surprise enemy Patosina, has come to a cautious but civil end.

But it was bittersweet, because wouldn't you know it, the side that won the war was the Grounded Allies (meaning me). A disease had started to spread throughout the campout, so it would have been a miracle, if it had stopped today. I don't know what happened to end the war, but at about 3:37pm, all the gunfire and ear-pounding banging sounds stopped. Legitimately, it took a while for all of it to die down.

It took about three minutes. I stopped and gasped in wonder of what had happened. I walked outside the tent I was in, all alone, and bizarrely, I saw just smoke, everywhere.

I try to fins my base. Phew, there were my allies coming together and forming a crowd near me. What's happening? I asked myself. Then, at the corner of my individual, standing blankly (don't know really of how they stood), wearing a different uniform. They had come, without any sort of weaponry, to tell us that their side had surrendered. I don't know for sure if it was true, but thinking about it, there were no gunfire for a while, so I might as well believe this weird-looking uniform man.

But what he said was remarkable - my side had won the war. We have won the war, people.

The Handshake...

This little video (which hopefully works) below shows this little handshake that William, great friend and trickster, had created for me and him. It was during a handshake contest against him and Patosina (you know her), and I was the person they used for shaking their hands with multiple movements and such.

Ms Aireen suggested to us to film our handshake and post it on our blogs. So here it is, with master capturing from Brooklyn, we bring to you...

The Handshake.

If the video doesn't work, click here.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Forgetting...I was forgetting...about my account on Stanley's netbook...

Yes, so you can see from the title that my day ended in some revenge for Stanley.

So, Stanley and I were having a laugh outside near the lockers. La, la, la, I put his netbook in his bag. Oh, before I continue on with this story, here's a bit of a flashback story that I completely forgot about while putting his netbook in his bag...
Stanley, with kindness, had to go upstairs to begin his GLOSS test. BEGIN, because when the bell rang, he was almost finished. I had no netbook (due to a reason I cannot tell, and if you know the story, seriously, out of respect for me and the netbook itself, do not comment below the story), so I was standing around, colouring. Stanley offers his netbook to me. I log onto my account, and did the stuff I needed to do. I close the netbook, put it in the netbook bag, and put it in Stanley's locker.
And I put his netbook bag, with the netbook in it, into his bag. He goes to the bathroom, at least I suspect he is going to the bathroom, and out of instinct, and out of a little epiphany, I run downstairs, ditching Stanley, to get my sister and walk home. Well, I practically ran out of the school, pulling my sister along, and we're out of the gates.

We walk home. Approaching the front door, I turn around, knowing that Stanley must've known I have ditched him. What happens next happened over the course of about seven seconds. I stand, looking at the entrance of the school. Squinting, I see, from the entrance, a little bit of a shadow. It looks like it's walking out of the gates. I hold my breath, air filling my lungs. Then, with suspense music getting louder and louder...Stanley walks out of the gates, sees me, in clear vision (even though I'm far away), and yells...


And my goodness, didn't I feel as though what I thought came true. Somehow inside me, I knew he'd come out at that moment of time. It was so perfectly timed. But anyway, I wave goodbye, and I see a glimpse of him just walking to the other direction, shaking his head...

Uh, oh...

Now here's what happened that is probably the best revengeful thing ever. At least, in my perspective, it is. Remember the flashback story I told? Yeah, I had logged onto his netbook, my account, and...left my account on, and making Stanley annoyed (in a funny way, not serious), I guess he went onto my account...

And so, later on, at about 6:40pm, I logged onto my account, and this is what I saw. At 6:11pm, I supposedly sent this to Mehi:
"Hi Mehi did you know that I like hairy toes lol"
Now, I do not swear (you know the swear I'm talking about), I did NOT email that. Seriously. And Mehi knew that. Why? Obvious. I don't say "lol". I say "hahahahahahahahahahahaha". Moving on. Stanley was on my account, which I left on, and he was still online. On his account. Oh, and he sent Ms Aireen an email, too. At 6:09pm, he sent this, with the subject being, READ PLEASE!!!!

"Hi Mrs Aireen"

And after a brief conversation, Ms Aireen had said that this thing that Stanley had did, was a serious offence. Oh my goodness! I never knew that! I mean, I thought it was for fun, too, but yeah, I never knew it was THAT bad!

So I told Stanley the news...he didn't handle it well...he didn't know the consequences as well. And Mehi was there, so she was feeling for him. Sorta. He exited off the doc which we were all working on to finish some other work.

I had to keep telling myself that I needed to convince Ms Aireen that I wasn't annoyed in a bad way...because this is what I sent to her when I found out Stanley sent her an email. At 7:52pm, I sent this:
Along with some other stuff, but this was the most relevant.

I couldn't believe it. What started out as a distraction, turned into something bad...

Waiting...I was waiting...for Stanley...


There was once a time where I became the most encouraging and supportive friend for ten minutes. Or more, I don't know, all I can say is that it started out great, and ended in a way I never knew existed. It all started when the bell had rang, and I was sitting in the class, waiting for everyone to walk out and get their bags.

It would be hard to get mine knowing how my locker is placed in a bad spot. Buut I still love that spot, so I'll leave it there. I was sitting down, and I saw Stanley. He couldn't go...because he had one question left. It was his GLOSS test, and he saw me, told me to stay and wait for me, and so I did. I don't know why, but I went to sit next to Stanley (not too close).

Oooh, milk for me. I hope it wasn't from Tuesday, because that would result in a bad ending to the story. So, Stanley got one...moving on (hehe), they were starting. Ms Aireen and Stanley, hurrying with the GLOSS Test, while I sit on the side, doing absolutely nothing but try and think about the questions.

Okay, the "doing nothing" part isn't true, I tried making him get the answer wrong. Yep, I'm really supportive (!). Anyway, after about a minute, you'll never guess what happened...

There was another question. I guess I was being really supportive, knowing my sister is waiting downstairs in her classroom. But you know, as I said in that moment, "Time can wait...", and so, ignoring my mind telling me to go, I stayed to see the test finish itself. Stanley, by the way, was the last Year Eight for GLOSS testing. This was going to be a record. The only student to witness the last GLOSS test for the moment after school. Me. Ha.

So, Stanley was on the other question, and I decided to something to change the atmosphere. Because goodness me, have you been in this kind of situation? Being in a classroom, waiting for a friend, while they're testing, after everyone else is gone? I bet you have...or haven't. I don't know, that's for you to decide...

I had a piece of paper. And lucky enough, a pen! So, get those together and you've got...a sign that says "WRONG" pointed straight at your friend. "C'mon, Stanley, you can do it..." I say.
"Shut up, Willy." whispers Stanley in his "stop-it-or-else" voice,
"Oh, come on, I've got a sign for you." I reply in my "easy-choice" voice, and he turns around, and unsurprisingly, gets furious in a funny way. Not serious, remember that.

The test has finished. Wow, that was a long time. The time is what I think is 3:15pm. Stanley stands up, grinning with an evil smile kind of look. It was worth it, anyway. If he got a question wrong, that won't be blamed on me, I mean, I was supportive right?!

Here's some proof:

"Don't worry, Stanley, I'll be the most encouraging friend ever for now." I say,
"Thanks, Willy." Stanley replies,
"Okay, YOU CAN'T DO IT STANLEY!!!" I cheer onto Stanley. Whaea Petra and Ms Aireen laugh out loud.


Let me make a second part to this post. It'll be worth the wait...

Farewelling a Friday...


Today's been QUITE a mix of emotions. Today was the last day for Ms Macfarlane (otherwise known as Ms Kirsty, Mrs MacFarlane, Mrs Kirsty, Miss Kirsty, or Miss Macfarlane), and to honour her, almost everyone came to school dressed as an animal. Oh, forgot, she was going to work at the Auckland Zoo, her dream job. So, everyone's in their animal onesies and costumes and colourful clothing and such, and I come to school in uniform.

But it's not what you think. At school, where almost EVERYONE was shaming me for not honouring, I got some paper a brown colouring pencil...coloured the paper some scissors, cut the paper into some double-sided tape, put it on the back of the paper...sticked it on myself, on my yellow uniform t-shirt...and there!

I was a giraffe!

But anyway, the Student Council had spent a number of days preparing the assembly, some designing the farewell card on behalf of the Kia Manawanui Syndicate. I wrote a poem for Ms Macfarlane. It took a while, knowing that I was giving Ms Aireen's laptop (I was using her laptop to type it down) away for some other stuff, and all I had was this...

Your last day today,
Good or bad,
Good because of your starting a new journey,
Bad because we’re all sad.
Honouring you in animal clothing,
Of colourful clothing and brightness,
Not only have you taught your class life lessons,
But also how to be righteous...

We’ll miss you, we’ll miss you, Ms Macfarlane,
Sad farewells are given to those people 
Who are the extremely prized and who are so special
Also if you didn’t know but looking at you 

Please always remember 
That we’ll miss you alot 
for all that you’ve done, 
and all you’ve taught. 

The thing is, I only wrote half of that poem. DANISHA and STANLEY got some "INSPIRATION" from the internet, and "PUT THE RESOURCE IN THEIR OWN WORDS"...and the last six lines were not my own words...thank you, Stanley and Danisha.

The card was beginning to be finished, just when Morning Tea came about. I went outside, and saw an old friend. Although, I had only noticed he was actually there when I saw them from the tap.fountain. I overheard a conversation..."He's pretty tall, aye?"...


I walked back and forth, back and forth. Eating my chips, like always. And before you know it, it finished. Huh. That was quick. I help water a plant. My bottle's dirty. Washed it. Back inside.

The Year Eights went down to the hall to...sit down, quietly, while I sat in the front, knowing I was one of the three presenters. Al the classes came down to the hall, settled down (almost), and Ms Macfarlane, the most honourable and the reason we were all animals, came to sit in the special seat, decorated and having the sign "Queen of the Jungle" on it.

Then, it started.

Performances, singing, tears. I almost had one streaming down when watching the video put together by a few people. I did not know, at all, that there was a video. Not being harsh, I just didn't know. All I knew was that I needed to act like I knew what I was doing. And I did. I "acted". Just like I "observe" in games...

The assembly, once again, was emotional. I can't tell you how other people were feeling. There was also, by the way, a saying that Nana (Taylor's Nana, literally, everyone calls her Nana) said during the assembly (Ms Aireen found some spare time to place her speech in there). It's so easy to say hard to say bye... It went something like that. I remember Nana saying that to me on the last day of school last year. Sentimental saying, but moving on. A classic song that everyone danced to cheered the spirits up.

But yes, it was quite a bittersweet end to a great assembly. I mean, this is Ms Macfarlane's last day here! It's such a great loss, as a teacher, but we all wish her well in the coming journey ahead of her. Because you know what they say...

I don't remember what people say. So I'll say one random thing. If you love something, let it go (and please do not sing that song, I was addicted once, actually three months of singing that, it won't happen again).

This post was made for the assembly, I can't really tell you what happened after the assembly for it was both confusing, dream-like, sentimental, somehow heart-racing, over-protective, and many more reasons concerning two empty drink bottles. And a situation. A bad one.

But yes, we had to farewell our one and only (to us) Ms Macfarlane. She is (not was) a great pleasure to have as a teacher and overall a part of the Tamaki Primary Family, and we all, again, hope that she continues with her journey of enthusiasm and colourfulness towards the Auckland Zoo.

You're Awesome, Ms Macfarlane.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Riddle Me Wednesday!

Hi, again.

Welcome back to the weekly Riddle Me Wednesday post. Gotta love riddles...get the brain going, but that’s only if you get the answer right. Or maybe that’s not the reason, because it opens your mind up for creativity, here’s last week’s riddle: I have many feathers to help me fly. I have a body and head, but I'm not alive. It is your strength which determines how far I go. You can hold me in your hand, but I'm never thrown. What am I?

A person comment in the last post if it was something. Unfortunately, it was incorrect. Ooh! Crike! But at least it was a good guess!

The arrow. Reading the riddle, I hope you get it...

Now for this week's riddle...

Railroad crossing without any cars. Can you spell that without any R's?

Can you spell that without any R's?

Can you? If you can, comment your answer below! Now from now, I will not reply, because it makes the answer obvious...

Have a Go! That's the name of this FRUSTRATING GAME!

Hi, again.

This is not Whaea Petra, this is Willy. You can obviously tell by the language I use.

About now, uh, Brodie has SUCCESSFULLY FINISHED ONE OF THE QUESTIONS, but that is as good as I can think it can be good.

A little note, he says, this was at the highest difficulty. Level Three.

And he answered the question correctly!!! Yaaayy!!!

Oh, by the way, this was the result last time, when it was frustrating...

It's harsh! I know, right!

Perimetres Game. Or was it Areas, I don't know for sure....


This post is written on Whaea Petra's account, but believe me, this is Willy typing this down.

About now, me and Brodie (also known as Equals Ten) completed this presentation from before. I may have blogged about it before. Yeah, I think I blogged it before.

Then we both went onto this game. This game, according to Brodie, was very frustrating. He wasn't wrong. This was because, every time, he kept on getting that one question wrong. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that when I say he got it wrong, it was a mistake. Wow, this sounds harsh.

But not as harsh as the game! Haha!

Then I played it. He said to me it was on the hardest level, the level being Level Three. SO, we did Level One together.

It was soooooo easy...

Proof? Look below.

In a statement, Brodie said:

That this game is so frustrating, if you get the same question wrong FOUR times, um, it would ask you to go tell the teacher. No, ASK the teacher for help. Um, at the moment, the teacher was busy with testing, Brodie was struggling a lot, 'cause he did not read the questions...

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Striking Bomb!! | The Blogging War...


Earlier today, almost to the end of May, my allies and troops, well, practically my whole army, I suppose, were surrounded by a smoke bomb. It happened between 11am and 12:15pm. Before the whole bombing tragedy occurred, all I can say is that I was in the middle of starting the immigration plan. There were towns and cities nearby that were being bombarded by the war, some even being held against their will to go onto one of the three sides!

I didn't do that, by the way. That's wrong.

So there was a plan to immigrate the people struggling to cope living NEXT to the war. It was too organise other places for them to live, so they can have a better place to live off and prosper.

Then an unexpecting bomb fell into my grounds. It wasn't an ordinary bomb, it was that type of bomb that smelled of something, something fowl and awful. It was so awful, in fact, it caused a bad reaction...spewing.

Eww. And to believe I thought getting into dirt was bad enough. It affected the field for about twenty minutes. At least I THINK it was twenty minutes. I'm not sure. Moments like these would last for...oh, wait, I haven't been in this situation before in a war. Anyways, the allies were complaining of the bomb overall.

Some even went as far as blaming each other for the bomb, it did look like an accident. But what if this was a trick to break our (me and the allies') alliance? Could this become more, if I could say, remarkably full of tricks?

Well, I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

Multiplication In Parts with Larger Numbers (in this case, one digit number x three digit number)

For now I finished one part of a task provided for maths. It was about using a strategy, which I can say proves EXTREMELY helpful now. I had an unfinished equation (for example, 4 x 245), and then I split them into just their own place value, and multiplied it by the one digit number (for example, using the previous example, 4 X 5, 4 X 40, and 4 X 200). I answered those small, mini, equations, added the three answers I got, and there! The answer!

This picture below shows the hard to see, yet easy to work on bookwork I did on this task. It was so cool, but then I realized I was by myself, and the first page was done, I decided to leave it there. Ta-da!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Pink Shirt Day at Tamaki Primary

On Friday, maybe I should say yesterday, was Pink Shirt Day, a day for everyone to celebrate everyone's differences and prevent/stop bullying. Tamaki Primary was involved, and gosh, didn't everyone, especially teachers, become surrounded in pink! I was surprised! That Stanley wore a pink band on his wrist...

A pink band. On his wrist.

And I came to school with a pink shirt and white pants. Like, seriously, I have never worn white pants so white. Oh, no, wait, the Tamaki Primary Movie Festival in 2012. Aah, good times. ANYWAY, in the morning, everyone was walking about, not minding the pink, and I came to school quite early. Isn't that a miracle. I came early.

Skipping to after nine o'clock, the Student Councillors stayed behind while the rest of the school were enjoying a waste management assembly. I bet they had a good time, but at least I developed some ingenuity, you know, the Student Council got Pink Shirt stickers and it ran out, and I didn't know, until the moment I saw everyone wearing a sticker.

So I thought, Hey! I can do better! I'll get some paper, draw a clone sticker, add some sellotape, and BAM! I have my own sticker, made out of about waste management, and recycling, too. And I did that, and it was smart, Ms Aireen said someone should give up their sticker to me, but, you know, originality is better than...wearing the same sticker, as everyone??

Moving on, there was a skit performed by the Student Council, and to point out, I helped with the writing. Hehe, I only wrote the first scene with a few people, the rest of it, I was completely stuck and left out. But that didn't matter, the scripting was done, and the councillors involved practised a lot, and we showed it to Ms Aireen. Nice, all they needed to add was confidence, and expression.

Morning Tea, I'm staying in. At least I think I was staying in. I don't quite remember being outside. Yeah, I don't remember being outside at Morning Tea.

Okay! Back to work! Haha, I completely skipped Morning Tea. Ha. The Pink Shirt assembly was going to start after noon (Get it? Get it? I seriously hope you get it), and the Student Councillors, again, were going to help with some stuff, setting up the hall. At the assembly, I'm one of the presenters, and to my surprise, I've never sang high ever since last year!! I mean, seriously, I couldn't go as high as I did from that assembly.

Oh, goodness, me, I've never sung high since then.

Back to the assembly, the band performed. What a great coincidence (they sang this song last year, in the Year Eight graduation, hopefully you get it when I say the song), and great message (the song was Hall of Fame, I bet you get it right now, double meaning, by the way) that it showed. Never gets old, the vocals.

Some (no, I shouldn't say some, a lot of) Student Star Awards were given out to many students, so many, that they had to make a second line! WOW! And a little speech prepared by Ms Aireen, presented by two Student Councillors, a song that we knew had a great message (Brave by Sara Bareilles), and another band performance. At least I can say they performed another song, I don't know if it was after or before something but I remember something.

Ugh, I'm getting the order wrong. National Anthem, Karakia, Student Awards, Band Performance...argh! I forgot what happened after, but there was a speech read about Pink Shirt Day, the origin of the day against bullying, the song I talked about (Brave), the School Band Performed (Where is the Love? And it was such an amazing performance), and I presented one of the Compliment Posters that included such classic compliments like You Amaze Me and You Light Up My Life (or something related).

Ending the assembly on a great point, everyone looked as happy don't know, but they were so happy, I couldn't even DESCRIBE how happy they were. Off the scale. And to believe no complaints made. Well, besides the noise, but you know, what can you do....I left the question out for effect....

The Student Council took some pictures, so that Ms Aireen could send them to the Pink Shirt Day website, and wasn't it so casual! Everyone was smiling, one guy covered his face with the poster, along with one girl, and I stick my leg up. It looks a biiiit wrong in the picture now. Should've lifted it higher...

Lunchtime. A bit drippy, with the bad weather, but still, it was good enough for playing outside. I hang out with Tiere, another friend, who ended up taking me to the playground (last time I went there with her, kids were hugging me, but I'm really tall, and they're at the height where it looks extremely inappropriate to tell you about), and had a lot of laughs. We were seeing if people would get the latest 'You are more fun than bubble wrap' compliment. Some people walked away, some looked confused, some said random things.

And a little boy called Tiere, in response, and in his words (literally, not making this up), " fish!".


After a laugh I couldn't breathe from (although I felt ashamed at the same time, even when I tried talking about it), and you know, it was sensical to walk inside with Patosina, who is another friend, at the time the bell rang. Wow.

In the afternoon...we had a bike lesson! I know this doesn't relate AT ALL with Pink Shirt Day, but the instructor was wearing pink. That counts, right? Right?? Anwyay, let me talk about it. I had a small to medium helmet, which fitted nicely (and didn't choke me, thankfully), and we rode around the track. Considering how I'M SO GREAT AT BIKING AND RIDING, I didn't realise I was going extremely fast, avoiding disaster at the last second.

"Willy, stop going fast!"

"Don't worry, don't worry..."

And I stopped the bike CENTIMETRES from the bike in front of me. DING! The bell went, as I did the wink of assurance. Ms Aireen faintly said, because she was far away from where I was, looked at me, then turned around, said, I think, was "Oh, my god!", and a look of relief. I do wonder why (!).

Another lap, this time, with a partner! My partner was Teina, another friend, and it was INTERESTING when we went at the same pace, being like turtles. The next lap, we were all (as Year Eights) challenged to grab onto our buddy's shoulder. Teina only tapped me for a second, and that was it.

That was my Pink Shirt Day. And for the whole day, I had purple hair. I forgot to mention that.

The, end.

School Values in a Myth - How Kiwi Lost His Wings

Hi, here is a drawing showing you the Tamaki Primary School Values (Rangimarie, Tukumarie, Whanaungatanga, and Manaakitanga) in the myth called, "When Kiwi Lost His Wings". I completed this task with my fellow friend/possible (not PROBABLE) ally, Stanley.

It took a while to work it out, as we were busy with a, uh, special event. Maybe you know about it...

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Riddle Me Wednesday!

Welcome back to Riddle Me Wednesday! Where I revive the slow posts of riddles from two years ago, and using the power of my mind, bring the riddles back to life...on my blog! Just remember, these riddles I give to you, the reader, are not my creation. All rights go to the creator/s of the said riddle. Now let’s get on with it! Last week’s riddle: What is once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a thousand years?

If you were one of the people that answered in the previous post...the answer was actually 'N' so TAKE THAT!

No, sorry, it was the letter 'M'.

If you got that one right, good on you! And good job if you used your thinking caps, not the internet. Because cheating is not that cool, if you think about it. Moving on from that short, little, note, here’s this week’s riddle!

I have many feathers to help me fly. I have a body and head, but I'm not alive. It is your strength which determines how far I go. You can hold me in your hand, but I'm never thrown. What am I?

CLUE: Here’s a clue that’ll hopefully help you out. Feathers help me fly...I’m NOT alive...your strength determines how far I go...I fly...not alive...your strength...far, I go...

Wanna give a guess? Comment below!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015



I mean, hi!

I just got a quick report from the, uh.............

Newsboy? I don't know why there would be a newsboy in the middle of a war but you know, there was a newsboy. He gave the blimmin' wrong news to me!

Gosh, dang it!

It seems Sergeant Stanley wasn't going to give up after all. Apparently, it was a blimmin' JOOOKE.

He says in a statement in the latest article, in the second paragraph:
"I am not giving up. I am still striving to win this war, even though I am a bit low on ammo and the requirements for war and such, that does not mean that I will give in.
"The reason why I am not giving up to Patosina and Willy, is because Jarryd Hayne also never gives up and he inspired me to never give up and strive for my goals. No more comment."
Folks, this is why the media are sometimes incorrect, you know. At first you think someone's given up, then next they say themselves they weren't in the first place.

This is why wars bring up SO much drama. Well, maybe not as much drama, or any drama at all, but it's still a bit interesting when it turns personal.

Avenger? | The Blogging War

Hi, there.

After the little bond me and my once-enemy Stanley had, when we were both desperate to get out of Patosina's grip of her bombing of blog posts, Stanley had a shocking announcement...

He was going to give up.

He was giving in.

He had no other command for his troops, who were not aware of their surroundings. You see, on the 13th of Wednesday, twenty minutes after noon, Stanley and his army went on to continue their soon failed campaign. They boarded up Patosina's land boundary, and unfortunately, Patosina's groups and power allies were already ready, and before you know it...

"Too many casualties to handle," as he said. "I giving up." he continued, "It's too hard to catch up to you and Pat. You're at 40 and she's at 42...and I'm all the way back at 32. I'm giving up, Willy.". Stanley was losing hope. But I started this war. I should at least help the first person I battled with...

So...from now, including this post...I will avenge Stanley. He hasn't passed on YET, but what can you do?

-Sergeant Willy

Monday, 18 May 2015

Significance of a Myth from My Culture (Samoan)

This presentation is going to tell you about a significant myth in my culture. I'm Samoan, and one myth that brings significance is the Sina and the Eel myth.

I'll try to complete the Slide 6 task (when I have to ask my family about the importance of the myth I chose), but besides that this is what I have so far. I WISH I could do a Movenote Presentation on this, but sadly without a netbook, or a webcam, I can't. Dang it, me.

Sunday, 17 May 2015


Hi. This is the DLO Activity where we had to group ourselves into threes, and find information about a Maori God that were chosen from Ms Aireen, or the group themselves. I did this Maori God, Tawhirimatea, with Danisha and Stanley. McKoy tried getting in the way, but in the end, he was back in his original group.

It was hard, because we spent most of the time arguing about McKoy barging in, getting in our group for no reason, then Ms Aireen came to check, and thanks to my quick-thinking of changing words, Wikipedia, and another website, we were sorted!

Done in the library.

Solving a Word Problem using Number Strategies

Hi. <- Seriously I don't know any other way of introducing a post besides that. The presentation below shows Equals Ten's thinking on a word problem, which is also in the presentation. It took a lot of thinking (for me), and a lot of time (for me). In fact, I was SUPPOSED to complete this post a long time ago, but there was something else. There was always something else.

This presentation is dedicated to our still and always beloved friend, Tanisslous. *sniff* *sniff* Why must I *sniff* sniff so much today?! He is a good guy, always knew what the answer was, and would always get in your face...literally, he did that once. And since he is gone, you know...he used to pickpocket me all the time!! You know this one time he actually taught me how to pickpocket...

It ended up badly. The guy I was literally pickpocketing saw me, and I found something QUITE surprising. It's less weirder than the item you're thinking right now. I won't tell.

Reality Strikes Back | 2 Weekly Post - 11th May - 15th May

Onto this week now, and Monday was the trip to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. In the morning, though, it was quite a lucky escape. I was supposed to go to the Breakfast Club. So was Mehi, at least I think she was. Anyway, there had been a fire alarm that was set off, and rumours said that it all started, in the hall...where Breakfast Club usually takes place.

Talk about lucky! I would've been humorously shamed! You know what I mean by humorously shamed, like making an incident, and the person, the butt of a joke. But Mrs Micic was in the hall. Dang it, I should've went there anyway, helped her. Luckily I have a short story for why I didn't go.

I was, uh...helping Brandon and Miss (couldn't decide which title to choose, sorry) Thompson with the patrols. Of course, I wasn't trained, but I did help put out the, uh...the, um...lollipop-sign-stick-orange-black signs, yes. And after, well...I went up to class, not to be late, but early, to get ready for the trip!

And the trip was fantastic, click the full (not really) story here: There were pictures too!

It was fun. Now back to reality...aww...Tuesday, we had a test on what happened yesterday. Dang it. You know what I said a few seconds ago (Now back to reality), yeah I wasn't kidding. The test was frustrating to start. I had no netbook, I was completely taking up my time, I wasted time on planning, let alone writing the recount down. Dang! I know that word is not useful on this blog but aargh! It was frustrating!

At least something peaceful happened. At lunchtime. A nice, peaceful, quiet, ride on a bike on the bike track. Aaagh, it was so nice. Everyone cheering me on. *sniff* *sniff*....

If only that actually happened...

What ACTUALLY happened, was that I was the biggest distraction on the bike track. The biggest. I kept stopping the track, causing risks for others biking, everyone, including Ms Aireen, were shouting at me to watch where I was going (humorously, don't take it seriously) and to STOP, ON THE SIDE OF THE TRACK, NOT IN THE MIDDLE. And that I was slow, APPARENTLY. So that was reality right there. *sniff* *sniff*, before riding, I didn't ride for about three days......

W-W-Wednesday now. I can tell you a bit about the Student Council Meeting. We were planning on the Pink Shirt Day assembly, and some other stuff to prepare prior to the event. I was planning a video I was going to do with a group, and I stood up for myself in that process! Not joking because I'm on the subject on bullying, but boy, did you see me...

Someone was chanting "Bully, bully, bully, Willy!", and everyone laughed. *sniff* *sniff* I have heard of that joke before, but...*sniff* not when there's just one person saying it, and everyone laughing....*sniff*...

Then everyone started looking at the situation from the other side of the coin, and started asking me if I'm going to take that. Even Ms Aireen was asking me that! Wow! They REEEALLY put me on the spot right there, folks. So I could only do the best thing to do....

Oh, no, wait, Ms Aireen was watching. I had to do the SECOND best thing I could do, as a Student Councillor...

I said, "Mate...", and slammed closed his netbook, and did a little "oh-yes-I-did-a-come-back" dance. Ha! Don't mess with........ohh.....maybe that's why........he came back....brilliant...that wasn't me, that was him...

Thuursday. Technology. It was quite a achievement, actually, hardly any music. Not. Gosh, dang it, why does it have to be "Oh, hey, I'm gonna play your song!", then the other person goes, "Aye?! I'll play a LOUDER, better song than that old song!". Seriously, this does get into your mind after it goes on for more than a few weeks. At least the jumper isn't part of it.

I didn't know why, but I didn't care, but last week, while this guy's jumper was on the field, I sat next to it. Surprisingly, the sleeve covered my hand in the grass. "Oh, my gosh..." I whispered. It was meant to be.

That was Thursday. Friday now, and one moment I can tell you definitely was the bike lesson the Year Eights had. Again, I WAS THE BEEST, MOST SAFEESST BIKE RIIDEER ON THE TRAACK. Everybody liked it when I was on the traaack. I didn't cause a crash at alllll. If you know I was being sarcastic, then you're one of the few people that know what I'm actually saying.

And hey, there's someone possibly know who HE is...he's like me, except a bit confident...hopefully you get it...

Items in the Classroom, in Te Reo Maori and English

Hi again. This post is about our Languages lesson earlier this week. The language we did...Te Reo Maori. We had to gather objects in the classroom, write them in English first, then translate them, with the help of an online Maori Dictionary, into Te Reo Maori. 

It was quite a debate for the words we chose, and we had to choose them carefully, because some words did mean the words we had, but were used in a different subject.

I did this task and DLO with Stanley and Lolo. They did a lot of work, so I deserved to work the weekend off on this. It was worth it!

This was the end result. And more apologies if there are any mistakes or any, um...can I say offensive? I don't know, I-I-I'm not really confident to say that.

Comparing and Contrasting A Myth and a Legend

Hi. This is a comprehension activity between a legend and a myth. Robin Hood and the Potter is the legend, and The Rainbow Crow is the myth. Because T.R.C explains about how the crow came to be, which is like a myth. R.H and the Potter is a legend because it has been exaggerated with the dialogue. Here you go! I did this task with...with...Stanley, I did it with Stanley.

Enjoy the drawing and the completed masterpiece...

Started Great, Ended Sad | 2 Weekly Post - 4th May - 8th May

So on this week it was a pleasure. A pleasure to just start at the beginning of the week, having no such worry whatsoever. Besides a little reading probe test, yes, I was a little worried, but besides that, I thought this was going to be a good week.

Oh, and Patosina received a new ally. Ma'asi. She's a good one, sharp aim, straight to the point. Oh, goodness, and they were extremely close to enemy lines. Oh, goodness, what could I do, aim for Stanley's area or Patosina's. I didn't know, so, without interruption, troops from my side were being tormented. Luckily, though, they got back.

And this language is becoming extremely confusing for me to put you in a blogging war experience.

Let me move onto Tuesday without getting in the way of the war. In the morning, I did some maths, with a maths lesson from Whaea Petra. Of course, in a post I did on this particular day, this was not quite the lesson that I expected. In fact, it was a great one, solving a problem using what we already know, because we have great minds, and learning on from what we did! Wow!

Also on Tuesday, in the afternoon, the class found out it was New Zealand Sign Language Week. So, in honour of the week, we all set out to learn at least SOME signs that we could use later on. Although, for Stanley, Mehi, Danisha, and myself, we went about doing what we did...mucked about on the website until we got somewhere, and laughed our heads off. Not literally, of course. I wouldn't be here if that happened.

And then, later on..........I REACHED EIGHT HUNDRED BLOG POSTS!! HOOO-RAAAYY!!!!

Next. Wednesday. Visitors came, and I went along with the other Student Councillors to guide them. But here's something probably no one talked about, and can probably be told here, on this blog...

So, it was just a bit over fifteen minutes before one, and me and Stanley went downstairs to ask Ms (< I didn't know which title to choose) Fepuleai when the Student Councillors would, you know, do their thing, set themselves up. But, before me and Stanley went to her, we found out seconds before entering the hall, that she was busy talking with the visitors, in the hall.

And it would be a waste of time to go back up again and then find out the "talk" ended when we went. So, without any thought, Stanley whispered to me, "Willy, just stay here, wait..." and what did I do? Listen, like a good friend did.

Minutes went by, and we were lying down, near the doors outside the hall, leading to the hallway with the past school day classroom pictures. Now to change the context. It was cold, wintry-like experience. I was kneeling behind a door that lead to the nurse's reception. My journey doesn't end, but it does surprise me. Crike...the enemy's right on the other side, looking at me. We're both wounded. Patosina's gotten way over our level.

She's bursting through the seams. All we can do, as leaders, is to wait and see. Could we work together to get a message across??

Yeah. Well, I left Stanley do to the actual job so I wouldn't look weird just standing right behind him. Now let me get to the actual event from Wednesday. I was paired with Mehi and Stanley to guide some visitors, and like always, it was quite awkward, but luckily we kept things going a bit exciting with the classes going and a surprising dance battle with a teacher and William (Another Student Councillor and friend)! It look edintense, with Cypress (also another Student Councillor, and friend) on the drums and everyone in the music room gazing and awwing at the battle.

The teacher won. Hands down.

Thursday. I came late to school, obviously, due to the new routine of having my sister attend school. I better get used to that. Technology was about to start, or at least, in this case, the Design Technology group. Phew, lucky me. We continued on with our Design projects with the garden, adding fruits and vegetables, flowers, all the stuff, and it was going quite well. Bit of distraction, but that didn't stop us.

Until it actually stopped us for a while. (sighs), this is exactly why I don't go with music while working. Don't hate on me, reader, there are a LOT of people in my class that appreciate the idea of music, but isn't that a risk? Isn't that opening up ideas for two people, with different taste, to literally turn UP the volume of their netbooks, so they can be in the zone?

And besides, it causes controversy, that starts with two people, ends in two groups, and then before you know it, music banned. I think this idea deserves a think from the students. By the way, these were my accurate thoughts after the sudden realisation of not finishing enough work.

A bit of a meeting with the Student Councillors. I found out I'm doing something later on. Learn, Create, Share was the topic. Yep. I'm speaking about it, on behalf of my school.

But, with that thought in'll neeever guess what happened later netbook glitched, got messed up, by itself. Or it broke, I don't know what to call it. Gosh, dang it, me. I'm so dull. But I am NOT, I repeat, NOT, going to give out the story of how it happened. No, it didn't involve anyone. No, it didn't involve any physical touch or kick.

So on Friday, things were completely turning into custard. Not only did I not have a netbook to work on, and not only did lots of people keep touching it, causing it to actually lose the whole screen (thanks a blimmin' lot, people who touched the screen), but the noise level was completely over the roof.

It's safe to say, for the first time EVER, that I literally didn't enjoy one day. I did not enjoy Friday.


Friday, 15 May 2015

He May Be Back...

There is a Bike Track at Tamaki Primary School Now...

There's going to be a person to film it...

...But besides that...

...There will be the guy to report it...

...The guy to edit it...

...The guy to showcase it....

Who is that person?


His last name's Burnley.

School Values in a Myth from My Culture

Here is a drawing about the values Rangimarie (Peace), Tukumarie (Tolerance), Whanaungatanga (Building Relationships), and Manaakitanga (Caring). These are the values of Tamaki Primary. In this DLO you will see the school values being incorporated into the Samoan Myth (I'm Samoan, so...), Sina and the Eel. Enjoy!

Finishing "Sum" Maths Problems!! Haha!!

Hi! I forgot to post this post (hehe) last week, because...well, I don't know why it didn't come up, probably because I was busy learning signs! Ha! But back to the subject before I start talking to myself, I played this maths learning game. I forgot the name, but I had to complete sum questions (<- this is one of the best puns I've ever heard...ever).

So this game. Learning game, I mean. I had to make the correct maths equation using the numbers given. For example, like the picture below, the original numbers were 8, 4, and 2. I had to look at the numbers. Of course, it wasn't long until I found out using 4 and 2 (or 2 and 4, but in this case it was 4 and 2) it would make 8.

But with every game there's a catch. At least I think there is. I could choose how many questions I would set out to do in how many minutes. At last I chose a challenge, after doing ten in two minutes. Pfft. I could do it in ONE MINUTE. I failed the 1st time, and you know what...

I failed the 2nd time...

And the 3rd time...

And the 4th time...

And the 5th time...

And the 6th time...

And the 7th time...


But the 19TH TIME, I got it! I did it! Now here's the picture below (mentioned before a little bit) showing the tenth question I got correct with less than 2 seconds on the clock. Phew! That was a close one! And if you're wanting to play this learning game yourself, click here!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Riddle Me Wednesday!

Hi! Back for another riddle? Once a week? Here’s last week’s riddle; What word can be written forward, backward or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?

The answer...Noon! Or in this case, NOON.

Get it? Because if you get the word ‘NOON’ and turn it upside down, it’s still ‘NOON’ and if you read it backwards, it’s still ‘NOON’, and before you know it, the answer is noon! Now for this week’s riddle...

What is once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a thousand years?

HINT: Don't think too hard on this. Read every word very closely.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Seventeen Pictures I Grabbed from the Auckland Museum Trip!

Learning how to use the drill used
back then...
Hi! Just now I finally got into the Kia Manawanui Site (without the computer crashing) and found the pictures from the day we went to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. I forgot one word in the whole thing, dang it. But anyway, check out these pictures!

Our instructors teaching us about the story
behind the wood she's holding. I forgot what
tree it came from, but it was skinned and then the skin
was set in the water and then after it was ready to be
put into tapa cloth material.

Settling down. Quite remarkable, knowing that
I usually see a mouth or ten moving...
Brodie teaches the Year Eights a thing or
Having a group-like picture in the place
where we saw the real mummy. The sign,
if you can't see, says "Hi".
Presenting our Ancient Greek God...Loki.
More artifacts! From the Pacific, I believe!

I think this is the basics of "lashing"...
I don't know how to spell it...
The Group! Including T.J, Brodie, Mehi,
Etai, and myself!
One of the canoes used back then
(to my knowledge...)
This guy wore my jumper for most of the
day. *sniff* Now it feels weird...
Playing on the "lallie". Again,
I don't know how to spell it...
An artifact. I don't know what it is,
because if you look closely,
I'm looking at something else...
Here's me with a few others feeling
the wood of this...this...oh no, wait, I
closed my eyes, so I forgot what this
was. No, wait, it was a canoe, I think.
Another artifact. A bowl of some kind, I
believe. If you look closely into the glass...
Learning a bit about the tapa cloths from
back then, and the instructors introduced
themselves to us.
One of the tapa cloths we saw from the lesson.

Monday, 11 May 2015

A Trip to the Auckland Memorial Museum!

Earlier today the Kia Manawanui Syndicate were off to the Auckland War Memorial Museum to learn a bit more about Myths and Legends. It was a great experience filled with discoveries, story-telling, lots of engagement, and of course learning! I've been to the museum before, just for fun, and one time in 2011, and this experience, by far, has been the most amazing, because I learnt so much stuff!

Like during the ancient archaeology lesson that the Year Eights had before lunch, I learnt about this little mummy-like figure, which to my surprise was reeally old. I forgot how old, but I bet it was, like, two-thousand to five-thousand years old? I don't know, but you do know, reader, then give me a comment.

And then there was this mummy that the Year Eights saw after the archaeology lesson. It, according to the description behind it, was a real one. Luckily, it was already passed on. I seriously thought it was alive after how many years! Haha! But yes, the mummy. It was a female, probably a wealthy one, I suppose, I really forgot. I was just surprised enough that it was REAL!

There was another thing I learnt during the trip. During a lesson about the Pasifika Myths and Legends, I learnt a bit more about that myth about how the turtle has a short head, or how it goes in or out, either way it was interesting. And the drum that I played too, even though I didn't know how to, which was pretty awkward, hehe.

I couldn't believe all the stuff I learnt about the Pacific Ocean instruments and lessons. Like these instruments that I saw were unbelievably big and some were strange-looking, but wow, didn't they make a good sound!

All these lessons were just a small amount of ALL the things I learnt during Kia Manawanui's trip to the Auckland Memorial Museum. This was the last time going to the museum with a primary school, but thankfully I learnt as much as I could, while also enjoying it as much as possible.

I had fun.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sudden Realisations | New Zealand Sign Language Lesson


Just today, and since it was the seventh day of the New Zealand Sign Language Week, I decided to go onto the official website...and learn some signs! It was pure easy, once I got used to it! There were signs like "baby"..."work"..."love"..."kiwi"...I almost learnt all seven signs the website showed up with.

Then I went back to the sign learning game I talked a little about before in a previous post. I started off on preparing my character. Boy. Black hair. Brown eyes. For those I learnt the signs as well. Then this family tree showing only my sister, brother, mother, and father. To be honest, I think they got my life well! Get it? Because I have one brother and one sister. Wow.

Onto the next area of signing. Food, I think it was. It was cool. Just like before. The sign for apple, the sign for orange, the sign for water, the sign for milk. I couldn't believe, once again, that the signs for these items would look, I can't explain it. If you get apple, and you see the sign for that, it would look're eating an apple! It's cool!

Colours were next. Blue, yellow, red, and the other colour I forgot. Wow, just let me tell you, I felt SO relieved I got the answers right while playing!

But yes, back to the learning game, I found out what the monster was about...took me a while to figure out what was actually happening. No, it's not a random pop-up creature, I thought. There had to be a logical explanation to this. A few moments of thinking, and I figure it out. It was a shouter, who didn't know I was a sign ninja, and I couldn't communicate sign with him...because he was just TOO busy trying to tear down the walls of the labyrinth (building of walls and temples or stuff like that).

And it needed FOOD to calm down. I thought to myself, Hey! I should give him food! And so I did. He was gone in a flash once I gave most of my stuff in my sack.

Let me just fast-forward a bit. I had a lot of food and drinks now, after going to the food part of the game a couple times, and to my surprise, I memorised them quite well every time I did it. Amazing!

And then the numbers...and the alphabet...and the family, this couldn't get any more better.

Until...I had to get more points, boosting my beginning knowledge on New Zealand Sign Language. It was cool, I actually remembered which sign was what, and before you know it..............

I got the ultimate achievement to a beginner signer like me. The red belt. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe it. NOW I get into signing?! Oh my goodness, me, what the blank was wrong with me three years ago?! I only did a small video with a previous friend of mine, and unfortunately I don't think the video from almost three years ago I did is available. But! I found a link on the previous friend's blog (he doesn't attend T.P.S anymore...I don't know why...):

But back to today, I have "mastered" the signing language. Well, hopefully I have, as I know I would have to have a LOT of practise to become, like, a normal signer. Hopefully it'll work out in a couple years.

Thank you for reading this post. And since my netbook broke, for some really sad and dangerous and not at all dull reason, I think the part of me recording myself signing will be delayed. Or any other task that needs a webcam to complete. Thank you for reading anyway.

Now here are some of the pictures I screenshotted from Sign Ninja!

Mother's Day

Saturday, 9 May 2015

I Shall Not Give In... | The Blogging War

My netbook's gone. I'm unarmed. I can't believe it. My plan to beat the others have gone to custard. Now the resources I have are restricted. Limited, even. What I can do...with my soldiers dying all of a sudden due to an early case of influenza, is just to protect myself. Or maybe, if I'm lucky, hide myself from the attackers.

Their plans are working. Crike!

I can't hide. I've got some troops from the other sides just tormenting the land I own. Well, I don't own it. But you get what I mean. What should I do, with all this chaos just happening as I type this down a secret computer??

Riddle Me More Late...

Ha! Again! Dang! I did it again!

I forgot to find another riddle for the Riddle Me Wednesday posts!

I need a plan...ha, reference to previous post, right there. I think it is. Nevermind, what matters now is the answer to last week's riddle, which was...

What question can you never answer?

The answer is (get it?)...

What's it like to be dead?

I know, pretty...pretty...pretty...weird. But this is to be this week's riddle...

What word can be written forward, backward or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?

Here's a hint: Think of midnight, for example. Middle of the night...

Comment below if you know the answer! It helps!

Friend Needed Poster! | Skills For Adolescence


Yesterday (Friday), was another lesson into Skills For Adolescence! Yay! For this task, I had to make a poster about getting a friend. Or, in my drawing, trying to find a friend right now. In Mr H's words, I had to pretend I never had a single friend. Ever. Not one. So this task was actually hard to do, knowing having absolutely no friends whatsoever is not logical. Right?

So this poster is like a wanted-like poster, but in this case, it's a needed-poster. Get it? Need is better than want, because it's more reasonable!


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Oh, goodness me


I have the worst news ever for a blogger like me.

My netbook has been broken, and I am lucky enough to type down this post.

I don't know how it happened, my screen is cracked.

I can't do anything to fix it. I can't even see what I'm actually typing, hence the mistakes. I don't know how to recover from this tragedy. Should upgrade or wait for a fiing job?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

"Signing" Stuff! | New Zealand Sign Language Week Lesson


On Tuesday, it was said that it was New Zealand Sign Language Week. I didn't know at all! I saw an ad about it but I didn't know it was this week! I feel don't know how I feel! I forgot!

But anyway we were learning how to sign our name. By that I mean introduce ourselves (and name) in sign language.

It was a great time. We played this sign master game, where not only do you explore the levels and become a master, but also, learn new signs! I wish I could show you the signing but sadly, my WEBCAM decided not to go on today. What a great start towards 900...

So I can only describe what happened. Stanley, Mehi, and Danisha had no netbooks. I did. So, guess which person had to lend their netbook for the table to see? Me. And I thought I was going to do it by myself. But, you know, sharing is caring! I went onto the site, scrolled down, then up, then down, then realised I was still on the homepage. Back to resources, heh, we clicked on the signs for letters, and then, well...

Stanley tested me and Mehi on which signs were which. To be honest, I thought I'd lose, considering how I'm bad at remembering SIGNS, from THREE YEARS AGO. YES, I'M PUTTING CAPS LOCK ON DELIBERATELY. Moving on, I won! I know a few signs now!

We went onto the game straight away. And you know the blogging war? Yeah, Stanley took my one sole and power source. By that, I mean my really slow and quiet netbook. Yes, he was getting along with the game, with all of us learning new signs. Like the sign for red, the sign for banana, the sign for apple (my favourite), and the sign for milk (another favourite).

I'll update this post with pictures tomorrow, maybe, but that'll depend on my webcam, and time.

Stanley said he was going to sign a song. Ugh, again. He was going to attempt at trying to translate a song of his choice into sign language. I don't have a picture of it, but I can tell you the song. By the Rivers of Babylon. If you didn't know, Stanley always sang it in moments. Now he was going to do it in sign language!

I'll do the images of me doing my name in sign language tomorrow, and I'll update this post. I think I've said that already. Oh, well. Doesn't matter. I WILL do it.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015



This is my 800 post! Yay!

Now it's past 11 and I need my sleep, so it's probable that this is going to be the shortest milestone post I've ever done.

Just 200 posts away from 1000. I hope I can make it. And in the timeframe of 2 minutes, this is all I wrote for my 800 post. Thank you so, so so, so much for reading and I am really tired so yes, good evening and night to you, and have a great day tomorrow. 'Cause you are awesome...




If you didn't know, and probably you didn't if you've read my blog, but the school I am in has been offered free milk to help us with our learning. It's so great, it's a different kind of milk! It's lighter! I can't believe it! Lighter! And the best thing of all, I can sometimes have more than one. Possible that's unfair, but I can't resist having another one...or even threee??

So this post is the post where I can introduce once and for all that we get milks delivered to us, and we can enjoy the wonders of milk. Here's a picture of me randomly taken during our milk-drinking...

And it gives facts, too. Did you know that by the age of 13 (like me), you could have adult teeth, like, for all your teeth? You could already have adult teeth at 13! Amazing!

And did you know that it's to build strong bones? Did you know we have-oh, no, nevermind, I forgot the number of bones we have in our body...

But yes, we have milk! Great!

My Pepeha!


Sorry for the late post, but this is my Pepeha that I shared with the class quite some time ago. It took a lot of time, and a lot of thinking, to put this together. Especially with the help of Whaea Petra, thank you. So, enjoy reading, and if you want to know the almost-translation, then read the translation below. And I apologize if I get some stuff wrong.

Translation (and apologies if I get it wrong):

My Dad is Fili
My Mum is Maluai
I live in Panmure
My family is from Samoa
My mountain is Wellington
My river is Panmure Basin
My name is Willy
Thank you, thank you, thank you all.

Maths! With Great Participation!


I know I shouldn't say "Hi!", I know. But don't you feel like I'm talking to you?

Anyway, earlier today there was the normal routine of maths. Oh, maths. How I love it. I get to learn from my mistakes, quickly, and get back to normal in just a jiffy. With lots of help, of course.

My group...I mean, me and Brodie, otherwise known as Equals Ten (Tanisslous apparently wasn't at school today), were being taught by Whaea Petra, with Ten Percent (members including Deandra, Brandon, Cypress, James, and Mehi), and for today we were not being taught about strategies for solving problems. Yep. This went downhill so quickly, didn't it?

No, we, as two groups, and because we had different strategies for answering a question...we were to solve a problem using what we know. That was actually really cool! Haven't been in that kind of situation before, but gosh, it felt good! Such fun!

Up until the point where I did something wrong. At least I think I did. I don't know. But it was a bit different to the others. I was doing the area, not the perimeter! Oh, dang! By the way, we were trying to figure out ways of different size gardens we could use with twenty-four metres of wood. Pretty good problem, right?

We all shared some insight into our strategies, and let me tell you, me and Deandra (who I think was doing the same thing as me, but what did I know?) looked on as some people were dealing with disagreements into which rectangle had the biggest area and which rectangle didn't. Pretty good discussion!

The follow-up task, though, was to use our strategy that we used to solve the problem, and put it into a presentation, which Whaea Petra had sent us. And there could be a possible chance where we can look at our current garden (the dirt-like garden, not the vegetable and fruit garden) and see if it would be possible to have another garden.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Second Part of Gilgamesh Activity...


This is the SECOND part of the Reading Task for Gilgamesh, a historical figure remaining in history for being the king of Uruk, Iraq, and in the end, I did this drawing all to do with the ingredients in what I think is a myth...

There are some ingredients in the drawing that were supposed to be in there, but the story didn't show much or any in it, so this is all I had.


My First, True, Christmas.

So, hi, there. Making another post here. Thanks for the idea, Ms Aireen! Hehe, she's my ally, but don't tell the others. But anyway, below this is my recount from last term, in which it was for the writing sample for Term One. Enjoy reading!

And by the way the way how I wrote in this recount is almost different to how I blog. Just pointing that out.

Christmas, 2005. Morning. I woke up, staring at the ceiling. Cold, but still a gentle glow in my body. Standing up onto the wooden floor, I gazed into my brother’s waking eyes. He was just lying there, awake. I walked to the living room to find my parents sitting down with a bunch of people. They were my uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins. Because I was a little boy, I didn’t know that at the time, so I thought they were friends. 

We were getting ready for Christmas, and they were all here because it (in 2005) was our new home, and this was our first Christmas. Feeling loved by all the smiles and happiness, I decided to hug everyone, and that made my parents laugh a little. After brushing my once clean teeth and wearing almost identical clothing with my brother, which my mum put on, I was clueless to what was actually happening.

What felt like eleven o’clock, the music starts playing. Vibrations and rhythm was all around my body. We take some pictures of me, my brother, and my mum, smiling. Well, at least my brother was looking into the camera. Then, I walk into the hallway where my cousin is playing with my toy cars. I decide to join in, and we exchanged imaginative stories with one another. I was having fun, but without having cereal for breakfast, I got hungry, and so me and my cousin roam the house for biscuits and cookies.

That utterly doesn’t go the plan. Just as I reach for the cupboard, my mum catches us, and only gave us two biscuits each. We clearly weren’t satisfied with this decision, so we went outside. Out of nowhere, my uncle practically scares me with a big camera, and snaps a photo of me and my cousin, who were not smiling. After that scare, we run outside and play with the equipment we found. Golf, soccer, basketball, touch, rugby. We didn’t have an idea of what those games were, so we just passed the ball to one another. Then I wondered, where’s my brother? I need to run inside. So I did exactly that. My brother was sleeping. Aww.

I got bored to outside, so I went back to the living room, where my other cousins were sitting down, gossiping. All of a sudden...WHACK! I get a cushion to the face by my other cousin. I was a bit sad, but I wanted revenge! So I grab the nearest soft cushion and me and my cousin have a little pillow fight. I then decided to bring my other cousins into the game. They, of course, laugh out loud. So does my mum and grandma, who watch in astonishment to see what me and my cousin did for fun.

Being a little child, I never knew what the actual time was, so I looked up to the sky to tell the time, sort of. According to the sky, it was red and yellow, meaning it was sunset time. Me and my cousin played around in the living room, then it dawned on me that a thing with a big screen was sitting in the corner. It was what my mum called, a “computer”. A device with keys and buttons to push. So, out of curiousity, me and my cousin played on the computer, which, by the way, wasn’t turned on.

With the boredness coming along, with was almost night, and while playing with the nearest Christmas tree-like toy, I looked outside, and what a sight it was. My family, and not to forget family friends, playing volleyball outside. Chatter from the sidelines, the ball being whacked from one side to the other. If it weren’t for the sunset, I wouldn’t have felt so joyful to see everyone play, while I was inside watching.

Dinner comes subsequently, and we were all on the floor, eating our cultural food, discussing subjects I did not have the knowledge of. Since I was a little boy, I couldn’t understand what others were saying, especially myself. I grab a bowl of cereal and then, from that day, became the ‘odd one out’. But when all was awkward, the music turned on again, and without feeling any shame, everyone dances the night out. Everyone. My stomach was full and my body was hyped up, so I couldn’t resist busting some weird moves.

But even with the fun being shared across everyone, it was almost over. Christmas was nearly finished. Everyone was leaving. Feeling sad and a little upset, I yell “Bye!” as they drove off. It was getting late for me, I went to sleep. I dreamt the whole night long. Even if I did lose parts of the day, all I knew was that, from my perspective of things as a child, this would’ve been my first, true, Christmas with my family.

The Blogging War Update.

Morning to you! don't know what to write right now. Stanley's on the other side. Our troops are failing, but luckily the casualties are about level. I need to make a bigger plan. Now I'm dealing with a crisis here. One of Stanley's men have come forth onto our side. I need to find a way to get rid of him.

He's right here. I need to be subtle. He's resisting! And he just revealed a secret of somesort!

It's truuue. Stanley's in the land on no one. This is my chance to get him down....


Sunday, 3 May 2015

SURPRISE ENEMY??? | The Blogging War...

Oh, my goodness, comrades!

We've got ourselves a new enemy!

Her name...Patosina. She was once a supporter of mine, now she's gone out and betrayed me. I can't stand writing this down. Traitor! And to think she said she will beat me and Stanley at our own war?!

This just got interesting...

And she's got more posts...Who WILL survive with the new enemy, surprising the two former comrades in an attempt to win the blogging war?

Find out later on, in the Blogging War updates.

Project Willy? | The 2 Weekly Post (2) - 28th April - May 1st

Tuesday, let's start with Tuesday. Oh, yes...A Day in the Life of a Year Nine. Us Year Eights, along with other Year Eights across other schools in the area, went off to the local Tamaki College to experience what a "normal" college day for a Year Nine would be like.

To be frank, truthful, and honest, it was quite a fun experience. Got to meet old friends there, and made a few acquaintances, but that's alright. More so, if I get the chance, you'll find out what I did that may be regretful in a couple of months...

Let's switch to Wednesday now. What I can say about Wednesday was that I started on making the A Day in the Life of a Year Nine posts, and lost a bit of focus on my project, but luckily I gained focus, thanks to Mehi, who reminded me.

Since Wednesday's a bit forgetful, here's Thursday. Wow, wasn't this a busy day. Mostly Technology. The group were split up into smaller groups, and in those groups, they had to start on a design plan for the school garden. My group members were TJ and Sulaiman. Gooood sports with the muuusic...

And to cut this post short, Friday. The first day, of May. The last month of Autumn, an quite a cold one, perhaps. I continue on with my project. It was quite interesting, considering the fact I would be doing this officially, in the real thing, with all my heart poured into it.

Gosh, this week was short and sweet, and not only that, it was fun too. I just wish I had more time...

Call to Action! A Blogging War...

Hi. Sergeant Willy here. This is my slightly-big short and unexplanatory-like video that is telling you to go onto my side of this Blogging War...

A Day in the Life of a Year Nine...Math Mayhem and Laughs

Okay, after going inside, we prepare for maths. Or, like I say in the "About Me" column, mathematics! I love mathematics! So, my group went up the stairs, with me doing a small dance on the floor because it was slippery. Mathematics lesson with Mr Sharma. Sitting down, he explains to everyone that there would soon be a race, but for now we were to play some coordinate games on Mr Sharma's maths site.

So, with Chasity, Cypress, Danielle, Stanley, and myself, we were onto it. Wait, Chasity was just putting her netbook up, and she was doing my internet. Cypress was fine with his internet for some reason. Hmm.

Stanley didn't have one. Apparently. His netbook was dead (meaning its battery was so low it won't turn on).

Onto the first game, hopefully I can find the picture.

Screenshot from 2015-04-28 11:24:45.png

This screenshot was from a game in which I, well, mostly Stanley and Cypress, filled a puzzle with puzzle pieces, while thinking of the coordinates. We weren't so good with coordinates.

It was like B4 or E2. I don't know.

Then the next one...
Screenshot from 2015-04-28 11:27:19.png
The one that says "Total Score: 15". That was completely Stanley. He had my netbook. Because I was laughing too hard on the fact that once, at the start of the year, SOMEONE, an old friend, once said that-


And so, Chasity laughed at the wrong answers she got...because of me! Thanks a lot, person who sent me that email and had to be censored out of the picture because of privacy issues!

Then...the space race. Yes, there were some other activities we did, but this one...A SPACE RACE! Who would not skip that?! My team was LIME, and gosh, weren't we confused. First off, we got confused on what group we were, and what number we were also. Now a colour?! No, that was beautiful, actually. The state of confusion...and the fact Danielle and Chasity called their team "Year9Bosses", but then getting it incorrect, and becoming "Limeteam".


Read what happened below. No, really, do read.

So during the, the space race (<- I did say that), my team were...getting some questions wrong...while Danielle, no, Chasity got some questions right! And laughed at us...*sniffs* *sniffs*, the memories are flooding in! Me, Cypress, and Stanley kept getting the questions wrong. Gosh, dang it! That was soo not cool! We knew, like, half of a quarter of the things in the quiz!

And we came like what, fourth? That was good enough. One team, sitting behind can I put good job fellas! And oddly enough, one of the answers to the questions (we got said question wrong, because of CHASITY!) was literally on the wall! I couldn't remember the answer, but...yeah, good job to the group in front of us.

Oh, and I blew my nose loudly during the maths session. Oops.

The end of a session full of laughs, but the guilt of losing was left behind. Oh...DANG IT!