Thursday, 2 April 2015

What Happened the Day Before...

Hello, Everybody!

My name is Willy and right now I'm gonna talk about what happened on the day before the last day of school. It was surprising. Especially because there was a surprise from Whaea Petra and Ms Aireen. Abraham, out of his failing intuition, thought the surprise was the immunisation injections. That had some Year Eight girls a bit worried. But the reality was they were informing other Year Eight girls, and panicking, and kept of asking Whaea Petra if it was true.

It was.

But it wasn't the surprise. The surprise was a random act of kindness from the teachers of Kia Manawanui. Movie watching for the block. I loved it. Especially the movies we were watching. It was divided. Big Hero 6, or Princess Bride. It was sooo obvious which movie I picked. I haven't watched it before because it had just been a new movie to me, and you'll probably know it by know. The Princess Bride. I watched the whole movie.

During Morning Tea, I watched the end bit, because everyone else left it to go on, and then I looked at the classroom. Wow, was it a mess. So, without any hesitation, me and some other students who happened to stay in, cleaned the classroom. Well, me and Cavhyon, at least. It would've been easier to let two people do all the work. I go downstairs, grab a brush and shovel (or the thing you use to sweep up the rubbish), go back up...

And Cavhyon's got a vaccum on him. SOO unfair!

I sweep up but it's no use. Oh, and after, when everyone's settled (I thought), I went down with Cavhyon, William, and Sulaiman, with Mehi and Deandra being backup:

"Just leave them, they'll come after." Cavhyon said,
"Oh, yeah, sorry. Oh hey! You're our backup, then!" I said out loud,
"Wha...!" Deandra exclaimed, "Backup?!? I'm so offended!",
"What? Backup is good!" I object...then I walk away and whisper, "...not...".

Preparing the food and drinks, and tables (and tables was hard, just to point out, the Shared Lunch between Room One and the Kia Manawanui Syndicate. We were all ready, and were weary of the time. The Year Sevens and Year Eight Girls (apparently the Year Eight boys are different) were going to get their shots. Injections, I mean, later on.

We start. At the Year Eight boys' turn, I just grab what I like...some biscuits on this side...some muffin on that side...maybe a drink while I'm at it...just hope that no drinks will be spilled on my shorts. But guess what, it did.

And that summarizes my first round of food. My SECOND round was an extremely short one, because the cake was gone, the biscuits were crumbs, and the drinks were out. Greeat.

But after lunchtime, because frankly I forgot what I did at lunchtime, we were in class. The Kapa Haka people were gone to the hall, I was told. So, without Stanley and most of the class, my group for this project (we were to make something in relation to the school values: Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga, Rangimarie, and Tukumarie), we were discussing on whether we should refilm or not.

Then something happened. I ended up trying to show William, who was in my group, what we could do in the end part. An Impromptu Street Dance Party, inspired by Markiplier, who I found on the internet. Using his moves, I demonstrated what it would look like. And the music too. Then Uptown Funk came on.

The memories were flowing. And before you know it, schoo ended! Tomorrow was the last day, but it would be weird to end on a Wednesday, wouldn't it?



Tell me I'm riight!

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