Saturday, 11 April 2015

Novel Study Series

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I have recently thought of something else to do for my reading part of the homework tasks provided. Since I can't access the reading log, I went onto the class site and look what I found!

The Novel Study presentation/tasks!

Although, the book I'm reading isn't a nov...

Oh, no, wait, I just searched on Google. It IS a novel. Ahh, where would we be without Google...anyways, the book I'm reading: Canterbury Quake, is the book I'm currently reading. I'm aiming to read 11 pages per day to finish it on the last day of the holidays. Hopefully that's correct! I'll be doing the Novel Study presentation tasks on this book but not only one post, but multiple, as they're going to be different tasks.

This is going to go well...this will be well planned....I will be well during this...

I'm only doing this only because I think it's best. And it'll add more to blogposts, too. So...nice...initiative??


Ms Aireen said...

Yes Willy, great initiative! Sorry it took me so long to give you access to the reading log. I have just logged into my email account and now responding to all my emails.

Wow, it sounds like you are reading an awesome book and I am looking forward to your critical response to this novel. I think using the novel study presentation provided is the best way to share your critical thinking about this novel.

Happy reading Willy!

Dorothy Burt said...

Hi Willy. I'm reading this at San Francisco airport so can't access my stuff easily on my phone. But, if you do a Google Search using
TKI Connected Series Canterbury Earthquake
As your search words, I believe you will find a free to reuse Google slide presentation on the topic. Could be the start of a good blogpost....
Mrs Burt

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