Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This Is Serious...

Good evening to you, reader.

Some breaking and some heartfelt news has just come to mind. I. Am going. To be legally. Killed. Google said so....

(sniffs), It's so unfair!

W-w-why!?!? I was just having fun...never wanted to die....whoo...better say goodbye..

Bye, Blog. These might be my last words for the rest of this message. I just wanna say thanks to my apparently best friend Mehi, who has been there for me ever since the end of last year. I could never repay you for the deeds you've done, Mehi.

Oh, and if you do read this message, let me just start off with...oh...what was that....the window's broken....I'm walking towa....oh, my goodness....

GoodBye Blog.

April 3rd 2002 - April 1st 2015
He loved bananas, the colour blue, and life. And his last words were...
"Mehi, you bana..."
We will miss you...

Who killed Willy???


MehIa said...

Oh gosh Willy stop it your scaring me and Really that was your last words like OMG WILLY AFTER ALL I'VE DONE FOR YOU AND JUST WANT TO SAY THAT SO MUCH FOR BEST FRIENDS.

Just kidding of course i'm your best friend but really did you have to.


stanley said...

OMG Did Willy just Mehi is a bana man I really laugh hard and also crying with joy but
Willy it banana.

Miss you guys so much man


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