Thinker's Keys: The What If Key

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I, along with fellow friends Mehi and Stanley, have completed another Thinker's Key for today. Whoo! So much learning and working, I might as well do something unrelated to learning after this one!

This key today is the What If Key. This key really, OPENS up the mind to the possible outcomes, and the event is given from the task. That pretty much didn't give much information about this task...oh, here's the scenario (<- that word literally made me frustrated trying find out what it was...I was seriously frustrated!!!! ARGH!!)...

What if people had no heroes to look up to?  Use google drawing to brainstorm possible effects of this.

Now, uh, heh. The three of us kept forgetting the task objective, so we came up with...this...

Took a LOT of time to get this done...


  1. Hi Willy. My name is Mrs Lagitupu and I teach at Pt England School. I just wanted to leave a comment to say how impressed I am with your blog. This is amazing! Thanks to Mrs Burt for bringing it to my attention last term. I've just quickly skimmed through quite a few of your posts including this one. I love your highly reflective and interesting style of blogging. You are obviously very intelligent and a great communicator. I am also certain that you will be a great leader of the future. All the best.

    Mrs Lagitupu


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