Thursday, 9 April 2015

Thinker's Keys: The Question Key? (<- get it)

Hello Everybody!

My name i-you already know what my name is...

Today I was thinking. What about another Thinker's Keys task! That gets the brain running through the day!

So for now this is the Question Key, where there is an answer, and I have to make 10 questions, related to the topic, that give that answer.

Okay, here it goes: Integrity.


1. What's one word to describe me?

Ha, nevermind, let's get serious:

1. What could be one thing we all need to work on to change one thing today?
2. How would villains change their ways in today's society to become a true hero?
3. What's Batman?
4. Fill in the blank: Other than honesty, ________ is the best policy.
5. Let's say you're in a job interview. What is one of the key things to remember when being interviewed?
6. Another word for honesty?
7. What's that word that means doing good things all the time, even when someone's watching, or not? I just wonder...
8. Finish in the blank again:
Most of the time, even when there's an opportunity to be messy (and hopefully there isn't), I always stick to what I keep doing, which is clean. And everyone's happy with that, knowing or not. That's how I show ________.
9. What's a great characteristic to have, in order to gain trust and a good reputation?
10. I wiped off some tagging off the school wall. No one was watching. Being honest, I emailed a teacher about the tagging. What did I show? NO, not snitchiness! Get your brain off the ground!

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