Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Day that Truly Shocked Me...3

Hi, everyone.

This is the final part of the see the first part, click here. To see the second part, click here.

So, my Mum had hung up on me, and I was completely stumped. Why would she do that, hang up abruptly? Might've been because she wasn't used to having Dad's friends go off without talking to Dad. Or something else, if you know what I mean. Hopefully you don't, that's personal.

My Mum comes back just minutes after she hung up, dropping off my sister, saying, 'I'm just going to the dairy, yeah?'.
'Yep!' I reply back, while taking my sister back inside.

Inside I ask her, "Where's Dad?"
"At the car wash..." she replies.
My face went blank for a second. We, as in me, my Mum, and my Dad, kept telling her they were going to the car wash, because she is SOOO curious with her questions. Even IF she knows the answer!

"Okay...where did you and Mum go?" I ask.
"To the car wash..." she replies.

My mind tells me she's no use to where my Dad could be. I thought she would know, because you never know! They could be useful! But for my sister, that is proved wrong in some cases.

My Mum comes home with some dinner and shopping. I realised my Mum and sister were at shopping, too. In my mind, it was completely blank. But that didn't interrupt me from putting the shopping away. And having dinner. My sister didn't want any tomato sauce on her plate (we were having chicken and chips, it was last minute).

After finishing, it's becoming to become late. Like, almost night-time kind of late. I'm crumbling under worry about my Dad. Where would he be at this time at almost-night? What would he be possibly doing right now?? How many questions will I ever ask about this?!?

Although, considering the fact that my Dad had not been seen, still, SOMEONE made me stay hopeful all this time, and that made me...uh...calm? I didn't know the word, but the nirvana part of that was the fact that my emails would be sent INSTANTLY and really fast, too.


It's eight o'clock. The lottery's on. I got some numbers from another site and guess what? To relieve the worry, I got one number right from the lottery! What a miracle! Although Mehi thought it was freaky...

Then she started talking about Michael Jackson. Here, let me tell you something, whenever I talk about Mehi from now on, I'll include the name "Michael Jackson" too. It's just right...because she loooooves him.

By the way, what I wrote above this paragraph were the exact things I said. Thought, actually. Didn't want it to be that weird. I asked my Mum if she knew where he was yet. Surprisingly, no she didn't. Get it? No she didn't! Sorry, serious. My Mum said that with the obvious look of doubt and depression. But I wouldn't call it depression, I'd call it something between depression and sadness, IN THE MIDDLE.

She ate her dinner, which was taking a long time, and went upstairs to do her speech for church tomorrow. And...pray.

Just going to get off the point of having a possible missing father, can you actually see what I'm doing here, everyone? How in the previous paragraphs, there had been some sort of "distraction" from the serious topic? Distractions such as small references and jokes to get canned laughter? And little informal interruptions?

Well, in my mind, I was making distractions to help get my mind off the fact my Dad had not been found by us....then, when all hope was about to be lost in distractions and funniness (emails)...I hear something, something so familiar to my hearing...keys, jingling against the door, loud enough so I can hear...

My Dad was not lost. But left behind.

My sister ran down to grab my Dad, while he was stuck in confusion, he was also feeling the Homely feeling, yeah. And just outside, as well, were people from church. So, hurrah, the story of his disappearance was clear.

He was with the church.

Oh, thank goodness. And our heavenly father for giving us such a good ending to this growing nightmare. I seriously thought he'd been out for an all-nighter...but that day where the worrying just couldn't stop. It seriously hit me and my Mum.

Don't worry if you've been hit also with this's normal now! He's been great! Just hopefully, if he comes back home after the church practise for Mother's Day...or my Mum...

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