Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Day that Truly Shocked Me...2

Hello, everybody.

My name is Willy and this is the second part of the day that literally shook me. To see the background story, click here.

Moving on...

I was doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, wiping the tables, all that stuff, because not only was I supposed to do that, but my Mum had been recovering from a sudden illness. Body aches and a sore throat. She was fine now, she and my sister went to the pharmacy to get her medication.

So, while my Mum was doing her bible study, and her supposedly speech for church the next day, I had cleaned most of downstairs. Because our 'guest' room was to be unchanged. I go on my netbook, begin on some working tasks, and not to forget, take a walk and stand for a while so my heart syndrome (don't worry, it's sorta normal) doesn't get bad.

A couple hours of HARDCORE working, sort of, Mum gets a phone call. She then gets ready, putting her bible and biblical books away in her working bag, then prepares my sister, who hadn't changed her clothes anyway, and set off to pick up Dad.

I look after my brother, while also cleaning up some stuff, too. The stairs looked a bit dirty, might as well vaccum it while I can.

I then get a phone call...I knew it was from Mum, but why would she be calling for?

I was a bit shocked, considering how it was such a good and normal day, all turned into such a worry. But the question was, where was he? Where could he have been instead? To my Mum's perspective of things, I bet the fundraiser was already packed up and done already. Dang it.

Then, all of a sudden, Dad's friend, whose name is Dave, came over, wondering where he went. He did come a couple of times before but it was a short visit. I told him that Dad was still gone. "Oh..okay..." he said, giving a hint of disappoint, walking away, back to his car...again. I was about to have a tear come down...

But then another friend of Dad's came by. Oh, why...

I tell him he's not here, and replies with a short "Have a good day, aye?" and I end it with a fake-happy like "Yep...".

Feeling sorry for rejecting them, I call Mum...

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