Monday, 20 April 2015

Ten Fast Fingers! Yes! But is it Bittersweet?

Good day to you, reader.

I changed the intro for school purposes. I don't know what else to call the thing I say first then the post, so I call it an introduction to the reader. There...

Earlier today for spelling the whole class had a warm up task before we did a spelling test. You'll never guess what the activity was...well the title says it all but just pretend you didn't see it...TEN! FAST! FINGERS! OH YES! I had not done that activity in quite a while, but it was worth the wait. Seeing almost everyone do it, focusing on actually typing their heart out...

It's just one of the moments you can't forget...*tear*...

But anyway, but to my point. I hadn't done the task in a while, yes. And I was a bit rusty at the start. Over fifty words. Wow. That was a good start...although I didn't screenshot it, sadly...uh...but that's because I was SO into the typing test! Yeah! Hmm...

Seriously, you should've been there when I hit over fifty words. "Hey. everybody! Look! I got fifty-something on the test!" I announced! And the next thing you know!

No one's actually listening. Woow.

Tiere, a friend, and AN ACTUAL GOOD LISTENER (that was meant as a joke, if you get it, good on you), was probably the only person who took notice. Out of everyone on the table. 

See, this is where that moment, the "Oh, goodness, everyone's so great and focused on the ten fast fingers, which usually no one enjoys because you're just typing and looking at scores", it then turns into, "Oh, for crike's sake! Why isn't anyone paying attention?! I got a high score! Dang it, ten fast fingers...".

So, ignoring the fact no one actually listened or even CARED, I did another test. Remember, this is all written as humorous, not depressing. Wow, I got a screenshot of it!

And I was so happy! And joyful! And wanted to laugh at the fact I actually had more words than anyone on the ta...oh, that sounded harsh. I had a lot of words completed, yeah. This time, when I announced it, people weren't focused, yes, but they were practically yelling at the amount of words they had! It was so loud, in fact, I had to make myself loud enough to hear, and it was quite funny.

I can't believe one simple screenshot prompted a whole story. Let's just say at the end I was acting all nevermind, everyone, I'll just sit here while dang it, guys.

But all in all, it was a great time coming back to this activity. As said before it boosts your speed in typing, you focus on the word you're going to focus on, you build concentration, so much, it would be hard for someone to DISTRACT you...but yeah, I love it.

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