Thursday, 16 April 2015

Novel Study Series: Understand - Guessing a Genre...

Hi, everybody!

Today, for Novel Studies, I get into a task that has some explaining to do. Like, I really am going to explain something about the book not long from now. I am going to give the book I'm reading (Canterbury Quake, by Desna Wallace), a genre! And then explain why I chose that genre.

So, the genre I chose for the book is...and I don't know for sure...just remember that...

Historical Fiction. Why?

I chose this genre for the book because even though it brings the history back to life, in such a feely and very empathic way, it is somewhat fictional. But! It is based on true events, that were horrible to see in person, let alone on television, that occurred in Christchurch between 2010-2011.

This historic part is about how some events, like the memorials, the two minute silence, and the aftermath (cracks, liquefaction, buildings damaged) were in the past, meaning some parts of the experience were historic, therefore it was engraved in history. Although some moments were really sad.

And since the book is almost diary-like, using dates and not chapters, it's like a full-on experience to let the reader in on Maddy's (the main character) day. Or, if everything's too hard to handle, short paragraphs. But they still make it seem as though it was written in the past, and like every historical fiction, it makes the past significant events seem real when it affects not only Maddy, but her family and her life.

That's probably it for this explanation, hope you're informed on the genre I chose.

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