Monday, 20 April 2015

Novel Study Series - Remember: Character's Traits

Good evening to you, reader.

I might continue the Novel Study Series during some school days. But at least it'll be more reminding to you, since it makes me more grateful that I read the book. It's amazing, by the way. I should mention that.

For the evening enjoy these attempted character traits I made about the characters in the book was reading, which was Canterbury Quake. I did this for a task in the Novel Study Presentation (Bloom's Taxonomy based), in which one of the tasks I chose was to describe the character's personality traits and physical traits using adjectives, similes, and metaphors.

So, here we go...and I do apologise in advance of reading the rest of this, I'm still working on my describing skills...

Here's the characters and their given traits and descriptions:

An artist. Active, but trapped under the forces of Mother Nature. Mixed emotions spring to her mind while in her diary, becoming creative in her own private way. Confident like a lion, but is building up on her roar to the crowd. She doesn't seem to help the fact that she is pretending to cope in the earthquakes, quite like how a hero is hiding their actual feelings.

Tessa (older sister):
Tessa, on the emotional rollercoaster. Like a broken picture frame, cracked under the pressure of random occurrences. The would-be puzzle piece that holds her siblings together. Creative in her own way, in words, and

Jackson (younger brother):
The sugar rush in one's life. Bed wetting, sadly, like a new sprinkler. Repetitive like a cheeky parrot, and a recurring follower of his sisters.

Maddy's Mum (name not given):
A ticking time bomb if you press the wrong buttons. Always gets what she wants, even if it ends up being less better than thought. An elastic band...flexible. Can be able to be with family in a bad house, while also organizing a business in a bad house.

Maddy's Dad (name not given):
Fresh air. The slow wind blowing through the pack of cards, but too hard that it falls down. Maddy's Dad is like a train, always running and sometimes extremely late to being back to where he was. A family man, but also hard working.

Laura (distant friend of Maddy):
One half of a great partnership and confidence. Strong like a confident leader, never backing down to the naysayers. But she is a

Zoe (once bully now half-friend):
Zoe the rock that almost crushed the lone Maddy, but joined in forces to beat the impossible. An unlikely friend, who is usually not mentioned because of her supposed ignorance.

Bella (new friend):
That mouse that no one mentions, yet brings a big impact to your life. Well, a small one, but you get what I mean, right? Bella is like the new piece of the necklace that you wear, and may be with you for some time. And you enjoy it. Isn't such a gossipy person, but can be comfortable to be with when walking home.

Aunty Beth:
Can be a fun time. But when half her life has gone from bad to worse, she TOO can be an emotional rollercoaster. Her personality is not fully shown, but it may be seen as the light of the party, a bag of fun when it comes to family (before the earthquakes, though). A steaming pot under pressure. The fire becoming bigger, the problem is worse than thought.

Uncle Dave:
Before the earthquakes, he was fine and calm, just like Maddy's Dad. A firework, that would then explode. After the earthquakes. Bursting in the sky, in which everyone can see. He couldn't take the pressure of losing a house. Sad, he feels, deep inside.

So, there goes my attempt at using figurative language in my blogposts.

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