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Novel Study Series: Apply: A Visit from Maddy...

Hi everybody,

My name is Willy and this is one of the tasks for Apply that I chose to do in the Novel Study Series. Here's the description for the task below:

Write an imaginative recount of a day that the main character came to visit our class.  What would happen?  How would they react to us?  How would we react to them?

It was such a memorable remember. At least for some of us it was! We were having a special visitor, coming ALL the way from Christchurch. Her name, apparently, was Maddy. Throughout 2010 to 2011 she had experienced earthquakes and aftershocks, which had changed not only Christchurch itself, but the people living there, too.

Sunny morning. The whole, and by whole I mean the Year Seven and Year Eights, sat quietly down on the mat, almost like mice. Except it was noisy and there were people complaining like horns about being squashed. Then, with a bit of suspense...Maddy came into our classroom, walking down the stairs, no trouble at all. But we all knew the earthquake had some impact on her.

Maddy sat down, looking around the class. (Now, I can't interpret how she would comment on our classroom, so I'll just make it up) "Wow..." she said, looking particularly at our ceiling fans, "Must be great up here..." she continued, "Back in Christchurch, when the 'big one' came in, it ruined the schools, some of them were so bad, they didn't have a date of when they'd sister, Tessa, was truly wrecked.

Her sister's school was ruined, so she would have to go to the far side of Christchurch just to share a school with another school, and that would be up until five o'clock, and because of that (just a quick note, she had a job before the earthquakes, where she would babysit the neighbours' children after three o'clock), she lost her job!

The class was quietly flooded in tears. Other classmates glared at each other, thinking what would happen if they were in a situation like a recurring quake.

Maddy then talked about how she once had a best friend, her name was Laura. Before the earthquakes, she said, they were always sticking by each other all the time, especially when they were confronted by this really mean bully called Zoe. But then, after the earthquakes, and due to her house being impossible to live in, Laura set out with her family to go to Timaru. Let's just say people drift apart and move on.

After a few more stories, Maddy then began to feel more homely in our classroom. Looking around the class displays once again, she never showed any signs of being affected by the earthquakes.

Because she saw hope burst in front of her own eyes. Everyone in the class gave hopeful wishes to Maddy, and a few hugs, of course. She and her family suffered from the earthquakes. They would soon see the city burst back to life.

Now I know what you're thinking, there was hardly any connections from the reality of Kia Manawanui to the imagination of Maddy and her struggles during the quake. But at the end of the day, we all have support in one another. That's how we'd react.

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