Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Last Term One

Good Morning, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I'm going to blog about the events that occurred yesterday. Oh,
what a blast. Although, to be truthful, I may have to be specific about what I had done. In the morning, I woke up...I walked with my right foot first...brushed my teeth...washed my face...oh, okay, moving on. There was a Board of Trustees meeting I was attending to see what happened, and that is all I have to tell you.

No, really. Don't argue. They said they would..."turn me off"...but luckily I didn't. Just said I was at the meeting. Then went home to pick up my sister, which caused me to be LATE! Urgh, why?!

At school, being late, I had just missed Charday. She was a former student at the school, now she's a Year Nine. Dang it! I missed her! Oh, okay, back to the important things in life. The first priority was to finish this video-movie thing, where groups of people had to "replicate" the four school values (Rangimarie, Tukumarie, Whanaungatanga, and Manaakitanga) in certain situations. My group were thinking of refilming.

We did.

But this is what happened before the filming. I repeatedly walked to the staffroom and back to see if the photocopier or printer was working properly. It wasn't every time I walked into there. And I was frustrated...but also, out of boredom, I talk to myself while waiting for the photocopier/printer to work. Then Miss Liddicoat caught me talking. Awkward...

And then, while we were filming, we were asked, by Miss Barlow, to help with packing up her classroom. At Morning Tea. Yep, at Morning Tea. In her classroom. Where there was some leftover foods and drinks. And five cents, if I had to say. So, after trying to help Sulaiman put a bag into a closet-cupboard thing, I go to Room One to help.

We cleaned tables, we cleaned the floor, we cleaned the rubbish, we cleaned the fish tank...and played with the five cents I found on the floor. FIVE CENTS. Five. I have never seen five cents since I was...well, five! When we finished cleaning with Miss Barlow, I asked if we could get our prize. The prize were a pack of chips each. That was nice. Then I rush upstairs, just in time for the photos of everyone to be given out.

We were about to do our portrait of ourselves. I was struggling a bit, but thanks to Charday (who happened to be in the classroom when I returned), I got the hang of it. And during lunchtime, I finished! With TJ, who happened to be in the same situation as me.

At lunchtime, it was sunny. I mean, like, so sunny, I literally needed shade. Eating my chips I chose earlier, I see other people, preferably friends, shooting some hoops. I would've done some shooting, but I was eating. And hot. Not that kind of hot, gosh!

It was cool, Mehi had gotten two goals, while Brandon was, and I quote from her post, he...
"had to steal the spotlight and get it in but he was a bit more back from the place that I got it in..."
Fun times. Until the bell rang....

After lunch, it was almost time for school to end. We packed up the classroom. I was taking some time outside to have a drink, while I still had the chance. Class packed up, we sat down, all the Year Sevens and Year Eights together. Little did anyone know, there was a ransom going on at the time. Ms Aireen, if you're reading this, I was making that bit up. But don't get suspicious, because ignorance is bliss. Sshh.

The final assembly was near so we all went down to the hall to set up our seats and sit quietly, while the other classes came in. When we settled down, a thought came to most of our minds. This is the last day...I thought it was a Wednesday! And while Ms Fepuleai played some classic songs, and some nostalgic chants, I was pretending to let it look like I knew what I was actually doing.

I didn't actually know what I was doing. I didn't know the song lyrics, c'mon! It's been a loong time! Then the song, "Happy" came along. Me and Mehi were in our own world, having a fun time, her singing the right lyrics, and me, singing random words that sprung to mind.

Because I'm happy,
I do not know the lyrics,
So I'll make them up!
Because I'm happy,
I'll just sing it quietly,
And make sure I don't stuff!

I was then called up onto the front of the hall, where I would've done a dance. This was prompted from yesterday when I was trying to show William what an impromptu dance party would look like. I ended up dancing successfully to "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.

The bell rang...we all went....and I learnt a new thing....since April Fools ended at midday, any jokes made after midday would make the would be prankster the "April Fool" themselves. Stanley was one of them. I was one of them. Outside, Mehi and Brandon was seen by me talking with each other...what a miracle! Not one of them are yelling! Except for me, who ruined the moment!

"So!! How are the trio doing?!" I yell,
"Urgh! No way, Willy!" Mehi rejects, pushing me off,
"Nah, I don't like her!" Brandon rejects also, "Get off us!"..

Then they shove me off their shoulders, walking off in separate ways. I pick up my sister from her classroom. And we walk away. Home.

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