Friday, 3 April 2015

I'm A Teenager!

Hello Everybody!

My name is Willy and today I turned 13! That means I'm a teenager! Oh, my, gosh! Now I can use, wait, no, I don't want to do that, not for now, at least. Gosh...argh, anyway, I'm a teenager now! Hooray!

And what a great way to celebrate the first day as a teenager by staying at home...and do nothing...while you watch television. At least that wasn't the case for me. I did stay home. But I cleaned up the mess after my sister! Yeah, she dropped the birthday pie...and spilled the I am using too much of these ellipses. So, anyway, the pie was ruined.

That was until my Mum came home from buying the food for tonight. It was not related to my birthday. Boo, but a surprise that I really didn't know about came when she told me to get something from the car. It was McDonalds, ooh. No, really, I thought that was a once-off thing, like my sister's birthday. Me and my family had food together, laughing away at some stories. That I shouldn't tell, of course :D

And when that was done, I went up to my room, to my brother, to give him half of my drink. It was half because I drank half. What? It's MY birthday, right? No, my parents just asked me if I wanted another drink and I said "Yeah".

Before you know it, we were going for a walk! Well, this got more unexpected! What? <- Click there. It's worth it. Geet iit?

So, we went to the Rotary Walkway, in Pakuranga, I think it was. We walked on the path and admired the scenery, the water sparkling in your eyes, the joy on people's faces while fishing. Hey, actually, I saw a guy catch a fish when me and my Dad walked to the edge, near the water. The fresh, windy, air, hitting my face. Such a beautiful memory to savour.

And after admiring the water, and how close it is to the Panmure Wharf, we all headed back home. Where we cleaned the whole house, for some reason. I don't know, my Mum then went upstairs to do a prayer. And she went to work. Which leads us here...

Typing this down, in a little informative way. Maybe I need to elaborate more on this post...oh nevermind, everything just went dark with the lighting...


stanley said...

Hey Willy

Happy Birthday to you and I wish you had a great birthday but mostly
I wish I was at your birthday but to busy with the containers and the
other staff but again Happy 13th Birthday

Willy I said...

Thanks a bunch, Stanley!!


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