Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Faith - A College Task about Values...

Hi, there. My name is Willy and today I’ll talk about a value that then became a deep one for my thoughts and personality, that is now a great value! One value that I have that I am glad to have is...faith. This means that I have full trust in something or someone who I would believe will do something good later on. This value that I chose is important to me because having faith in something that you think will turn out good will result in you gaining the feeling of trust, knowing that when you trust in something/someone for something else, you will definitely take hold on that trust. I, personally, think that values such as having faith can boost your personality and help your life in school, home, and in the community. I bet I use this value quite often, actually. Sometimes, when a friend says they’ll help online later on, I can trust them, and also, when they say they’ll complete their work, I can trust them! I have absolute faith in them! And when an event comes into mind, I can have faith that it doesn’t get interrupted by any sort of interruption. This value, to me, was from many people I’ve encountered so far, including teachers, family members (especially parents), and friends...why? Because of them, I have faith in them to give me faith!

That’s all I need to say about faith.

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