Friday, 24 April 2015

ANZAC Poem - By Mehi and Willy (me)

Hello, reader. My name is Willy and right now I present to you the ANZAC poem me and my great friend Mehi collaborated on. Truth be told, she made a prompt and I "went into the river and went with the flow". Then, all of a sudden, this came! A few "verses" giving an idea to the reader about ANZAC Day with the use of figurative language in places.

And to believe this took a day or two to write. I'm not that good in poetry!

So check out the poem Mehi and I wrote, well, typed down as we were thinking of those who lost their lives, but are noe remembered for their service to their country.

Oh, yes, there's a bit of a mistake towards the end. Instead of just the letter "e", it was "hope". And the ending was "We Will Remember Them".


MehIa said...

Hey Willy,

Working on this poem was really fun to write yet so sad and serious. The prompt I gave you (Step into the river and go with the flow of the river...) was such an inspiration I mean like this piece of writing even Miss Kyla told me that it is something she can never write. It was great working with you.


MehIa said...

When I mean 'fun' I mean like fun working with you!!!!!! Just pointing it out just in case you think of something else.


Ms Aireen said...

Well done to both of you for working hard to put this poem together. This was a well written and inspiring poem. Great use of figurative and descriptive language. I admire the way you both read your poems during our school ANZAC memorial service - Keep up the great thinking Mehi and Willy!

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