Saturday, 18 April 2015


Hi, everybody.

My name is Willy and...and...I have some really heart-breaking least that's how Abraham would say it...

Everybody, Abraham Burnley
leaves...for now...
Abraham, my true alter ego, and no coincidence if there was another Abraham Burnley, but this is a different one, the name is truly coincidental. Abraham, sadly, has gone to leave the suburb of Tamaki.

It's pretty saddening to hear, I know. But for some reason, he has gone back to his origin suburb, Gracepath (never really liked that suburb for some reason), in order to finish some unfinished business at his origin school, Gracepath Primary. He didn't tell me what  happened there. That was pretty harsh.

Now...he's gone.

Luckily, on the brighter and lighter side of things, he says he will be back as soon as things settle down. I'll give it six weeks, if not, maybe a term. It's just almost figuratively, a part of me gone somewhere else. And it's the serious, confident, part, so...gonna miss him for a while.

Let's just hope he comes back from the madness...

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MehIa said...

Willy don't worry because......
You are not alone
He is still here with you
Though you're far away
He is still here to stay

and also...

You are not alone
He is still here with you
Though you two are far apart
He is always in your heart
Because you are not alone....
(Michael Jackson - You are not alone lyrics except I changed them up a bit)


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