Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A New Thing To Do...Before School Starts!

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I had a new thought...

Why not make a new hobby before school starts? That'll be brilliant!

So, here it is. I've just gotten into this thing called letter substitution, where you replace one letter with another letter (for example replace "C" with "L") and then talk, with that letter substitution! So, read this sentence, using the letter substitution of "C" with "L"...

The cat caught in a car collision course could not catch any cones

Replace the letter "c" with "l" now, and you would say...

The lat laught in a lar lollision lourse lould not latch any lones

And see if you lan leep doing this (by the way, letters with the same sound can be replace too) for as long as it tales!

But, here's another thing that lan leep maling things interesting...

Loding...I mean...ugh, okay, loding. Loding lan be used in many situations to lommunilate with other people, to male a sentence so no one else lan see (I seriously lan't believe the letter "l" is being lhanged, <- and I'll explain that later, so many times) what you're altually writing down, let alone the falt that you lan male something of your own. Just thinl about it!]

Here's an example, with no letter substitution of "c" with "l"...

I saw the cat cross the road before the cars came crashing

It would be:

J (<-I) tbx (<-saw) uif (<-the) dbu (<-cat) dsptt (<-cross) uif (<-the) spbe (<-road) cfgpsf (<-before) uif (<-the) dbst (<-ars) dbnf (<-came) dsbtioh (<-crashing).

This code (Augustus Code or something) gets one letter then moves it up one letter, for example, A would be turned into B, and for Z, it would turn into A.

Like A = B, B = C, C = D, D = E, E = F, F = G, and so on...

I'll make a post all to do with this code, so seriously, and hopefully you read this note, READ THIS BLOGPOST, or the next post will be blurbs and random letters if you don't understand.

And a bit of a rule on the previous part of this post, letter substitution (which really is the whole post, but you know the part), when facing a word like "choosing" and the letter substitution is ""L", you would first say the sound of "L", then saying the rest of the word as if it is normal, like "hoosing", it would sound like "choosing".

I have humorously tried to make this post make more sense how many times, and this is the best I can do.

The next two posts is dedicated to these two new things I have learned...

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