Thursday, 2 April 2015

A New Challenge...

Hello Everybody!

My name's Willy and for now I have made myself a challenge for the current school holidays...

Read an entire book! This book that I'm going to read focuses on the devastating Canterbury Quakes and aftershocks that goes from 2010 to 2011. I think it's in this primary/intermediate girl's perspective, making the book more like a diary/notebook.

I cannot wait to read this! And finish the challenge! I'll start reading now!


While I'm at it with this post, I should probably tell you what happened at the end of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire...

Katniss wakes, finding that she is practically paralyzed by the restraints, holding her down. After a few blackouts, she's up and about, trying to piece together what's happened. She destroyed the arena last time, but what happens now? Is she dead? Is this all some afterlife in the Hunger Games world?

No, she's in a facility of such. Peeta was taken away, which angers Katniss, and while talking with Haymitch and someone else who I forgot, they talked about how they knew the government was going to get rushed on by the people in their individual, dependant districts.

When Katniss asks about District Twelve, Gale (forgot name...), who also came in from nowhere to Katniss, says that there

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