Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Forgetful Post! With a Seecreet...

Well...where should I start with what I will call a "normal" post?

Maths. Earlier today... <click there to see my perspective of this...

I was with my group, Equals Ten. You know, Brodie and Tanisslous. Weirdly enough, we're still in the same group! But anyway, back to the point. We were doing our normal maths tumble as it said on the maths tumble. Free Rice Maths Timestables. Yep. That. But of course there has to be some flaw to that moment...

I remember it like it was just earlier today...

Tanisslous: Hey, Willy...guess what we're doin'...
Me: Oh...I don't know...I haven't seen the site, yet.
Brodie: Well, Willy-
I look at the site...
Oh, dear. This would mean Tanisslous would do something to distract me, or, even BETTER, make me lag behind him. Doesn't this remind me of anything, me?

But LUCKILY, Brodie was onside, actually seeing my point of view. Tanisslous was being sad, covering my screen AGAIN and letting me get the questions wrong AGAIN, and confusing me with the questions AGAIN, and...

So anyway, Brodie stopped him, and to end this part, Brodie and Tanisslous (who TEAMED UP) got more rice bowls than me, and from what I can remember, they were two-hundred-and-something more rice grains than me.

Now, here's where I COME IN TO GET BACK AT THEM USING MY BLACK MAGIIIC!!!! Coincidentally, I use cards!

So, after losing the race, and changing over to Number Knowledge Practice, the three of us then returned to the game where I can use my magic...okay, this is where the forgetfulness comes in, heh. I forgot the name...sorry...but you have to make 30, or at least get a number in the thirties.

We started. I had five playing cards, Brodie had five playing cards, and that other guy had five cards (<- you know why I did that, don't tell him I did that). We decided the picture cards (the jack, the queen, and the king). I had two picture cards, a ten, and two threes. So, two picture cards = 20. Then plus a ten of diamonds or hearts = 30, plus one of the three = 33, then get the other three to minus three = 30. This would look like:

10 + 10 = 20 + 10 = 30 + 3 + 33 - 3 = 30

I got thirty! And weren't Brodie and Tanisslous surprised I got it. Again. Because this wasn't the first time I did this...I don't think I talked about that one before, not that I remember...oh well, a quick backstory (harp). The first time we played this game, guess who kept getting thirty?? Me! And then they accused me of using black magic to get thirty.

Now back to reality...I got thirty!

And again!

And again!

And again!

And aga-okay, I think you get the point. Or the points, in which I kept getting! Ohhh!

No, I'm kidding, that was pure thinking and luck on my side. But this is the weird part. I was so good on my cards, but then when they gave their cards to me...I was struggling, for all we knew. I couldn't get thirty, on their cards. Then, because I grabbed their used cards, I couldn't make thirty! My mojo had gone! Noo!

At least we learned something today. *Use black magic to your advantage, and like me, you'll never realise how powerful you'll be in maths!

*No one's looking, do it! Use your mind in a totally different
*This is absolutely, totally, under any other circumstances, a joke. If you feel you have been a bit aroused in a bad way by the way the author has written with their words, please remember anything you find offensive on this blog is completely, no matter what, untrue or a positive joke.

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