A Day in the Life of a Year Nine...

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I experienced what could be the perspective of a Year Nine! At a college!

Today was a Year Eight Open day for Year Eights from a variety of schools (Glenbrae, Glen Innes, Panmure Bridge, Point England...and other schools I forgot, or maybe I already did them...agh, who cares) go to Tamaki College to experience "A Day in the Life of a Year Nine", and they got through different classes, in these so called "periods". There's five periods, I believe. And when they said it's just forty or something minutes in a class...

They weren't kidding! Especially you, Miss Kyla, you were not kidding about that, right? Right?

Okay, let's move onto my perspective of a Year Nine. First of all, before the first period starts, and even before he even steps foot into the auditorium, guess what happens? And I am not joking because coincidentally...IT HAPPENED TO ME! WOW! GOSH! But yes, guess what happens next...

He gets a nose bleed. Quite strange, considering the fact he was never feeling hot or warm. In fact, he was cold! It was raining! So, without further ado, the new Year Nine goes into the toilets for what seemed like a couple of minutes, sorting out his nose. And blood. Eew.

But he goes back int-oh, nevermind, I'll just switch it back to me, this is getting hard for me to do it as a Year Nine (you know, because I'm a Year Eight, this is quite hard). So, anyway, to start the day, I have a minor bleeding nose, which ended in me doing that thing where you stuff toilet paper up your nose. You know what that is right? Like, it stops the blood, covering your nostril?

This is one of the re-enactment images
to be shown in these series of posts...
Chasity, PAST friend (you'll find out in a moment for five), laughs as always at the sight of me (there you go, that's why). I sit down, and well! Wouldn't you know! I ended up by myself on the seats! Everyone who I sat next to, walked away! Wow, being a Year Nine can be difficult, in a funny kind of way. I then find Cypress and Stanley, who were in my group (lucky for once?), and when called up, guess who was one of our guides.........

Chasity. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaat. And I meant that long great actually. You know (flashback), I should've known I would be in her group.

And guess where we went first? Physical Education. That one subject that literally makes my heart pump. Literally. I have a heart syndrome. Excessive exercise makes it worse. And heat. But that couldn't stop me fro-oh, no, wait, it did. It actually stopped the whole thing. Everyone was looking at me, as I tried to find a rubbish bin to put my bloody toilet paper piece in.

It was a game (which I forgot the name of, sorry) that included running, touching, sitting, and cones. Two teams, two sides. Each have to get ten cones (or at least, the most cones) to their side in order to score a point. I forgot who won, but that was probably because I was being the worst guarder ever, and also, losing my breath. Oh, no, the game ended. Because SOME people were cheating...no, don't look at me...even though I do cheat a lot, does not mean I cheat during sports...

Or do I?

No, I don't, really.

So, after the game abruptly ended, we played this other game called chain tag (I forgot the actual name...maybe I lost blood??), where apparently, out of all the people to choose as the second tagger, and let me tell you, I was just going to ask if two of our leaders (Chasity and Danielle <and forgot to spell name right but I know her!) could play. My hands are in the air, and I was chosen to be a tagger.

I laughed it off, but then got tired and only had like, what, three, two, four people on me?

I don't know. I had a nosebleed, it wasn't gonna get any better after that. Now, I better go onto another post to write about the next class we went into...SCIENCE...


  1. By the way I think the first game that you explained about is called Gold Rush.



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