Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Visitors! Well, the events prior...

Hello and good day to you, reader,

Half of today was a pretty full on experience. Sort of. Took almost two blocks and I ended up having an injury. Thanks to a CERTAIN SOMEONE, WHO HAPPENED TO BE A SQUID, EARLIER THIS YEAR! But I'll talk about it later on in this post.

So, anyway, morning. Wow, it is even more hard to remember what you did in the morning than an event two weeks ago. Wow. Uh...let's see...woke up, slept in, woke again, slept in again, then it was eight something in the morning, and I was sitting in bed. After getting ready, it was about, uh, quarter to nine, perhaps?

At school, I think it was a while before nine o'clock. Bag up, netbook out, lock on, key down. Then the Student Councillors went to the hall to set it up with Ms Aireen and Mrs Micic (school librarian, also an awesome person with a great personality). Tables out, sound system out, dongle (can't spell it) with me, giving it to Ms Aireen. Then back to class.

I was back in class. Maths time. Just a bit late to the first activity with my group, Equals 10. We were doing this loop-card game with decimals. I had only just came here and already I was struggling. You know how I am with decimals! They're so small they're more easy to forget than remember!

After a lesson with Whaea Petra on different strategies and how each of our strategies to a problem may be different. Some questions were a bit hard, because they were questions that weren't in my zone of multiplication (like 15 x 5). And I got confused with the use of ten percent. It was not ten percent in maths form (well, it is), but the name of one of the maths groups, ten percent (10%). I was laughing to myself just thinking that thought to myself.

So, after having that teaching session, which was surprisingly short, sadly. We haven't been with each other for a VERY long time...I just realised most of that sentence sounded better in my head than out on this post. Oh, well. So, anyway, after Maths. It was reading! Wow, I was excited for what we were going to do!

Buuut the Student Councillors were called to the hall. Saad. But perfect timing too. Everything's been perfectly timed. Coincidental events. Downstairs to the hall, and after a bit of an argument with Brooklyn, friend, about who's taller, and attempting to hit my head on the ceiling, which obviously fails, it was almost time for the visitors to arrive.

Dongle's out, the Kapa Haka group were at the front, on stage, for the powhiri that was to happen to arrive the visitors, who I think were from Taranaki. Then, just when I thought I'd see them practise the whole thing, the visitors are walking through the outside of the hall. But we haven't started yet...

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