Monday, 2 March 2015

The Conversation (1/2)

NOTE: This post is said from true events...

It was a Thursday evening. Just after 6pm. The Prayer Meeting was happening at that time. I was upstairs, still, because of my brother (autistic, but no problem). Completing work for a long period of time does become tiring, so why not a good e-mail to someone you know, you know?

That's exactly what I did. Email a friend. In this case, it was Mehi. I had a part of me say that it would not be worth it, as Mehi would not be online. Or so I thought.

After waiting a few minutes, I completely lose hope in getting a conversation. But that's until two and a half hours later that I find out Mehi had replied. And before you know it, all randomness goes loose.

I end up looking at her post about Wacky Web Tales. Which she got from me...ahem, inspiring, ahem...anyway, her wacky tale was about her going to "Auckland Beach" with her parents and her best friend Charday. They find Ms Aireen eating a banana split, and I can honestly say the first time I read that I was laughing too loud (ltl).

Then I find out she posted my last name as well. I rush over to email her to change the post, so it doesn't show my last name. I mean, I don't want to show my last name to everyone, do I?

She replies later to apologize, as posting my whole (not really, but I shouldn't say) name would give readers more information, so they won't say "Hey, who's Willy?". But I guess it wouldn't be a problem since I'm well-known. At least I think I am. Probably not...moving on! We chat, I mean, talk, I mean, email about the post she did. It was hilarious! Especially the, you know, I already said, the banana split.

Oh, couldn't you just many memories. Now, I have to point out, I'm talking about a recent time last year (or towards the end of the year), where Mehi was nicknamed "Banana", because of an awkward interaction with Sulaiman (who was a new student, what'd you expect?), and because of that interaction at the local dairy, and an accidental throw of a banana, with Stanley looking...

Mehi's nickname was "Banana". Now going forward to where I was reading. I was laughing, because of the memories. So, so, great. But now that the Year Eights are gone, I should forget them.

That's sounds harsh, but now, back to the conversation. After a long laugh-tersation, we talk about a different topic. Mehi talks about Junior Youth, after school programme, whereas I was upstairs looking after my brother, while the prayer meeting occurred. Then she talks about doing art and memorizations. A memorization is something, in this case booklets, showing something to do with memories of something, in this case Junior Youth.

Then the subject changes...

At 22:02, Mehi says:
"yeah so wat r u doing im just making another superhero but a male and guess wat i've finished my recount blogged it and i love it so so much u should read it some time"

I was already on her post about the recount she did. I helped her just a bit. Her recount was in the perspective of a leaf. Who was once with its family, and was then in an adventure, seeking thrill, while also trying to get home. I read it fast so I could give some obvious feedback.

At 22:05, Willy says:
 "I just read it.....AMAZING"
 At 22:05, Willy also says:
"YOU JUST EARNED YOURSELF A............word......
nice job."
 Then we move onto a different subject. It was another wacky web tale Mehi did.

On 22:07, Mehi says:
"...oh yeah look at this wacky web tale i did..."
 I take a read and it is funny, and in a way, true, if you know what I mean. Feeding your brother McDonalds and not to sing "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift. Still gets me. Even if I thought she meant lion, but she didn't. It was her brother. Get it? Because his name looks like "lion"...anyway, moving on from that failed joke, we started talking about ANOTHER subject. It was about the superheroes we made the other day. Mehi made another one...

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