A Superhero Is...

Here is a google drawing about what I think a hero is...


  1. Hi Willy, it's Todd from room 17 from Whangarei Intermediate School, your blog makes me think about me and my brother playing superheroes in the backyard, also why are you posting so often? Your heroes drawing is so cool we are currently learning about what makes a good blog and yours is a very good example.

  2. Hi Todd from Room 17 from Whangarei Intermediate School,

    Hopefully you'll get this reply (because there's no reply in my way of seeing things). Thank you for that really touching comment, and great question too.

    I blog a lot because...well...blogging's practically a passion! No, it is a passion! I love sharing my learning and thoughts to the world. Just as long they're making sense, that is...hehe...

    But anyway, thank you for that comment and I hope this blog has been of a good example.

    Can't say it enough. Thank you.



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