2 Weekly Post (9th March - 13th March)

Wow, this week was a bit of a hard and weird one...

We start with Monday, and luckily, I come close to early in the morning for the Breakfast Club. Tanisslous is there, with his brothers and that, looking as if they were waiting for me. We wait a while, talk amongst ourselves. Cavhyon's brother comes near me and I ask where he is. He was SUPPOSED to be here by now. Ohh...no, he wasn't. Dang it.

After a moment of talking, I open the office door, and before you know it, the door shuts itself, locking the other guys outside. Oops. After that awkward moment, we head for the hall. Breakfast Club is on after all. Great. Just hope the others show up.

Mehi does. As always. Only this time she's late (weird). Toast is out and some Milo is served. Miss Thompson and the three of us talk about stuff. La de da. It was going so well. But the fun ended when I had to go back home after........just to pick up my sister, gosh, who thought something bad when they thought that?

And with that I'm back at school at something past nine. Aaagh, WHY!!!???!?!?!

Then there was some maths....ahem...ahem...and then some reading after...ahem, and wow, Brodie really used some imagination for one sentence in the work done...let's just say that everyone was in "tribulation" in his sentence. Geet iit?

Our First Picture Together...aww...
And to move things along, I introduced a new person to the blog. His name...Abraham Burnley. He is such a better and more confident self of me, I mean, I am older than him (his brithday's October 2nd), but he is the more "intellect" side of me, who has now become a human being, roaming through Tamaki Primary in a serious way.

He saved the day once, but I'll talk about it after. Right NOW, I'll talk about Tuesday. Tuesday was not as a Tuesday would be. Instead, I was to be answering questions with three other Student Councillors about learning. Gosh, it was hard. What was even more hard was the fact that I was to lead some teachers, along with Brandon, around the school. Read more about it here, and then here, and then here!

So, after Tuesday, there was obviously Wednesday. This was the day the class got their World Map, so they could see the visitors from around the world. Oh, that reminds me, have you noticed how my blog background is different now? It look's pretty cool, am I right? I don't know exactly if it is better than the classic "apples and learning background name, I forgot the actual name" background for the blog. Ha...

After school, though, Abraham Burnley, my alter ego/second self was wondering to himself...

Hmm...Willy, I don't understand your investigation. Could I borrow your netbook?

With that, he sent an e-mail to Ms Aireen about the inquiry investigation. More specifically, what would our purpose of investigation would be for our, investigation on our hero. Then the next day...Thursday. A meeting with the Student Council. Yum. Hash browns, hot chocolate, and other breakfast foods. Wow...

Then there was technology. Art. Love it. Amazing things happen when you're in the art room with Mrs Manuyag. Either you become creative with the colour paint, or get light headed with some black ink paint. Eitherway, you would enjoy the wonders that is the Art Room. My group were focusing on making quotes with colour, and the result was amazing! The words are white and are almost easy to see, if you think about it! Oh, man, I need to express my creativity more...

Oh, and after Morning Tea, which was Inquiry I think, Ms Aireen explained the Inquiry process with us. Specifically. With everyone. Thanks to a lovely, charmng, intellegent, person of mine...no, not me, Abraham Burnley. And yes, I did say his last name. I will always do that.

So, without any interruptions from any other event, this day was Friday the 13th. I've always have some bad experiences with Friday the 13th. One time the other year, my dad got his license suspended, and he could no longer drive any longer. Although, the other time, I had cakes and free time at school. What would this day be like?

Normal. Normal! It was normal! School was normal, I was being careful, but that wouldn't be necessary since everything was normal. I went home, it was normal. Wow, what could be better than this?!

The next day, my dad received his license back! Oh, goodness me! It was amazing! His license back after two years! Wow!

But would the normality end and have bad luck come over us?? I guess it would. A cyclone was coming to New Zealand, after wrecking Vanuatu (which is pretty depressing, to think of it), it was gonna come...straight...here...at least it wasn't Auckland that was gonna be affected, but there was rain...


  1. Wow willy i really think that you had a twin.i like the way you were using you thinking tools and being creative of what you writing down


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