Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Reading Highlight

Good day to you, my blog. Or good evening.

Typing this down. On my netbook. Finally charged! Thank goodness!

Celebration time later, but this is an important matter.

I achieved something in the holidays. I didn't just go places and not read. I only read one book. And one article. And watched a whole lot of videos on different articles. But didn't read them. The video hooked me in, then lost me.

But ANYWAY! I achieved a reading achievement during the holidays. I read The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The whole book. In four weeks. I think it was four weeks...don't know, because I was too busy reading my mind off! I don't know where to begin!

Except for where Katniss (the possible main character) is at her home. District 12, I think. And from what I believe was the last time, she had won The Hunger Games, with this guy (Peeta), who she had to pretend to like and then actually liked but then lost touch with him because of this other, affair...anyway, this other guy, Gale, is what everyone believes, Katniss' cousin. But he-he's not.

So, anyway, this other man comes along. President Snow, I believe. Ha, nice name, man. He arrives and by the looks of things, he might look eevil. And the word "eevil" is more eviler than "evil". Why? Well, he treats Katniss very...guest-like. As if her house was actually his. I wouldn't be surprised if it was, because I believe that before the Hunger Games in the other book (which I didn't read, bummer), she didn't have that kind of house. I bet it was quite the opposite.

And then before you know it, another character comes into place. Haymitch. A trainer, who I assume was with Katniss in the Hunger Games (which now sounds like it was "last year"). After a talk with her mother, she goes out to her "cousin", and after a moment of reading, there's a Victory's Tour or somesort.

Next events happen in the next post.

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