Thursday, 26 February 2015

Reading Highlight #3

So...without delay...

Katniss must've thought that there could be a number of uprisings occurring in the other districts, and why would she have thought that? Well, later in the book, she is getting ready for a wedding photo shoot, I think, and while getting the dresses on, she finds out about why there wasn't any...I don't know, food from District 3...uprising...why no lighting from District get the idea, but those are examples, not the actual events...

Then, after something happened, something happened. She is out of the district she was in. She's in the forest. Wearing her mockingjay pin (the result of a bluejay and a mockingbird "getting together"). She comes across two other people, females, who are said to be an aunty and a niece, who had come from an explosion that happened in a different district, I think.

The two females approach Katniss. One shows a biscuit-like thing that has the mockingjay on it. They tell Katniss about a district which seems to be non-existent, but could it be? They say that it wasn't completely wiped out by the Capitol. Reason? In news footage, for years and years after the so-called "wipe out", the background shows the destroyed District 13. But. In every piece of footage, there are always the same birds flying in the background.

Katniss doesn't believe them. At least, I think she doesn't.

And then there's the twist. For the 75th Hunger Games, different victors from years back are to be selected in the "Quarter Quell". I didn't know about that. Says in the book it happened every 25 years. Math: 100 divided by 4 = 25 and then into quarters, 25, 50, 75, 100! It makes sense!

Although I was surprised in a good way, Katniss sounded like she didn't like it at all. Being in the arena for the second time. After facing so much agony and guilt after the first time. I totally feel for her. Then she decides to do what it takes to keep Peeta alive. Even if it means...not coming back home.

Skipping along to the Quarter Quell, no, wait, just before that...the night before. It was a shocker! At first people were in different and fancy outfits, they were all on stage, where they were (by the sounds of it) smiling at each other. Each district in number order (1, then 2, then 3, etc.), and when District 12 comes up, and I think Katniss goes up first, her dress goes on fire.

Then it turns into something amazing.................................which I forgot, I didn't know what it was...

And then Peeta goes on...and it ends with another outragement (don't know if that word exists). He says Katniss is pregnant, or at least it's a secret.

All the district's tributes (now I got it) stand side by side, hand in hand. And while they do that, everyone is in outrage, with guards pushing and probably riots rising. Katniss and Peeta are "escorted" out of the building, and after that I could remember Peeta and Katniss sleeping together for what could be their last time. So sad.

The next the next post to find out...

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