Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Reading Highlight #2

Onto the next events that followed the previous post.

So, if I can remember without looking at the book itself, Peeta must've came along to Katniss' house. And made some biscuits that have butterflies or flowers. I don't know, but to think of the imagination I have, it might've been amazing to look at. But in this situation, I tried not to, as President Snow is in the household.

They talk about a subject I forgot...oh, yes, her mother offered a bath. Sorry, I just took a quick glance at the book and saw the words bath and mother together. You don't see those two together in a sentence. Although I, I haven't, seriously. Moving on, the Victor's Visit (still forgot actual name) was getting closer (apparently), and Katniss' designer or "readier" if I can call it, was with her, and they agreed with a time to pick Katniss up. Noon.

The people who got her ready, or if I can say, readiers, were, yes, readying her for the Victor's Visit. After a while, Katniss reminiscences she hunted with Gale (fake cousin, real lover) in the forests outside District 12. Now that she's changed (not really, just the fact that she's known to all Districts), she can't really do that. Because of the image she has on, now. You get what I mean.

To skip a few pages, she gets ready, and so far so good, just a bit late for the train, and the person in charge of being punctual, Effie I think, is a bit annoyed. After visits to Districts like District 1 and District 2, they're being greeted by a host, I think, Caesar. And, to such a surprise, Peeta (real and fake lover) kneels down to propose to Katniss. To everyone's expectations, Katniss says "Yes", and guess who came along? President Snow, that guy. He congratulates them, and the two (Katniss and Snow) fake smile and joke and such.

Next events to continue on the next Reading Highlight...

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