My Library Book!

Today Kia Manawanui's Year Eights were in the library. The Year Sevens went before us. Of course, we did some work. Recount planning about the pools yesterday, which I WILL finish once I find a way.

But even with that going on...ahem, excuse the video...ahem...


Sorry about the poor audio, but I had to do it. Wanted something new. But anyway I said "As you can see...the Year Eights are here. I don't know why I'm going this...". Explanation? I still had chlorine in my system. Making me say the wrong things and see the wrong things.

Moving to the point...I went for a new library book. The first one this year! Although, now that I think about it, I guess it was a random pick, because SOME people can't resist taking a book out. But luckily, just like most random choices, this one was a good and lucky one, because this book was a totally different kind of genre. Although, I didn't quite know what exactly the genre was.

At least the first few pages got me...

I am so excited to read this as my library book!


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