Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Loop Cards (Surprisingly Hard)

Okay, so earlier today, during maths, my group, or, if I can say, two other group members, were doing this loop card game.

It was hard at first, because yesterday was when we started the loop card game, which I regrettably chose, that moment we were getting somewhere. We knew how many months were in January, how many months in a year and a half, all that.

But then we were stumped when the loop just...looped. But it looped the wrong way.

You see, the question we were answering answered an answer, but the answer, weirdly, was what we started with. So, without argument, we started the loop game again. And then again. And then again. And kept starting again up to breaking point. Which was then deciding to do it the next day.

Which was today.

And today, it was challenging. But. We pulled through. All because of a change of seasons. Yes, the seasons. APPARENTLY, the game does not revolve around New Zealand's point of view, where in December it is Winter, so, making a change, the three of us switched to America's point of view in season, where December is Winter. And with that, we started getting everything in order. And what a celebration we had.

We awkwardly high-fived each other and said the word "yay" and "yeah" flatly. And not to forget being quiet about it as well. And what wouldn't be a celebration without a few photos? Since my pictures in my view are on my netbook (finally chargeable), I decide to show Tanisslous' point of view in photos...

Displaying Lope Cards Hardest.jpg
VICTORY: Sorry the image is mirrored,
but we did it!


Petra Lawrence said...

I really enjoyed reading your reflection on this maths tumble task Willy. Your group showed real perseverance to continue on with the loop cards when it wasn't making sense. Congratulations for successfully completing the (American) loop!

Shantai H said...

Hi Willy,
I really like how you explained how you played loop cards, I think that you could maybe put it on a Google presentation so that you could include more images of you and your friends playing loop cards, But overall it is an amazing post!

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