An Inspiring Quote

Good day to you, reader, and welcome to this one thoughtful yet almost inspiring post. I started this blog a couple years back, 2012 mainly, and that year was the same year, obviously, I had my netbook, which is with me on this day. In 2012, also, I was in Ms Aireen's classroom, which was known as Room 7.

A lot's changed over the years when I was in different classes. But there was always one thing that never changed. It was that one, little, easy, yet also thoughtful saying, which I can now say could now be a quote. Well, hopefully. It's three words.

I put a picture of her looking seriously-like, in a serious-like pose, with the serious quote, and a serious trademark-thing-like thing at the bottom right. First time doing this, I'm giving things a try this week. I was bored so I went through the Pool Picnic Pictures and found this, and so I added a quote, the picture, placed it here, and....bam! Quote picture-thing!


  1. What a great way to share this powerful quote Willy.
    Thanks for sharing this and the story of how it came to be meaningful to you.

    Mrs Burt


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