Sunday, 22 February 2015

2 Weekly Post (9th Feb - 13th Feb)

To start off this week in the fortnight before, it was a Monday. Obviously, and the Whanau Conferences were coming up. Although, something's changed. Instead of goals related to learning, it was goals related to the T.R.U.M.P Key Competencies. And I'll explain it again, Thinking, Relating to Others, Understand and Using Language, Symbols, and Text, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing. There.

So anyway, I had just finished my presentation, and Ms Aireen had checked it for the colours last night (8th Feb). The presentation, if you didn't know, had colourful matches and complementary colours in parts of it. At this point I was onto doing the T.R.U.M.P t-shirt. Which was a bit of an issue, considering the fact that the internet was slow. But oh well. I'll strive to succeed a t-shirt.

Then there was another task I desperately needed another talking of. The Heroes title page, which I was SUPPOSED to finish (and now that I said that I should get going with it), was the task I needed a little help with. Especially for what we were supposed to write. Not the "Heroes!" part, I mean, goodness, I wasn't that stuck. It was what we wrote on the bottom that got me guessing.

But I wasn't the only one. Mehi, friend, asked me after school if I knew. I asked Ms Aireen. She was a bit stuck on her title page, but luckily she got through. With my help. No, I don't think she needed help. If you'd like to see the finished product, well.....gosh, I forgot what to say next......oh......uh, moving on, the work. Before I came to help, we were chatting a bit, talking about our perspective of the day. She got hit in the eye by a softball. And lemme tell you, it wasn't soft. But she said her eye healed. Yay!

Then we started going over to a different subject, then went back to work...then onto a different subject. Then back to work. She shared me her title page, and let me tell you, it was a bit blank. So, under pressure, because Castle was on and I needed to go, I gave Mehi a few tips and advice on what to do. Images of superheroes, big text, sparkles! Glitter!

And there goes Monday. Onto Tuesday, it was a day before the Whanau Conferences. A visitor was in the class, or, hall. She helped my maths group (Equals 10/=10) with some games, although one stumped all of us. This other kind of loop cards, harder than first thought. After morning tea, we did KiwiCan, and one of the activities was to show a positive reaction to a negative situation and a negative get he point.

Wednesday. The day of glory, the day of mistake-making. In maths, my maths group continued on with the loop cards from yesterday (or Tuesday). We were still getting nowhere. Until we found out it was not in New Zealand form. It was American. Rest of this is in an individual post called "Loop Cards: Surprisingly Hard" or something.

Then after school, or at noon, I went home, with my sister. And we waited an hour before we went back. It was 1:00pm. Inside I did my presentation and oh, please forgive me, every single thing after halfway of the presentation was mixed up and messed up...but at least that's one of my goals, I think. Actually check my work instead of thinking it's finished because it's full.

Ooh, also, I have something to do....ooh....

Next day! Thursday! This time the task to tuck onto was the Word Association Task for Heroes, out topic for inquiry. Again, I was stuck, because my netbook was completely low battery, and I couldn't go to the back. So, book, here I am. I still haven't finished. Moving on, after school, Mehi, friend emails again for help. We're besties (if reading that, say it nasally). Anyway, she was asking what a martyr was.

Now, moving on....ha, I just ended it there. Friday the 13th. Ooh. On the way to school, me and my sister kept stepping on cracks. Ooh. Sorry, mum. At least you don't have a bad back. But I do. Stink. Anyway, at least something good happened on that day. It was sunny, yes, but luckily, I was told I would get my charger on Monday (Monday 16th).

So, yeah, that was this week...

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