Sunday, 8 February 2015

2 Weekly Post (2nd February - 5th February)

Now, onto this week.

Monday was fairly well. Yesterday I had done a weather report, and so far, it was...exactly as expected. Sort of. I need to stop lying. The most horrible thing happened to me today, and thanks to my sister, I bet this will happen everyday.

I was late. Late. I haven't been late since last year, and that was just a couple times. I guess SOMEONE didn't want to get up early this morning...and luckily my sister won't understand what I'm gonna say next, so...

She was fussy with the morning and I ended up having to make her run to her classroom, OUTSIDE my classroom, and then walk back into the office, down the hallway, and then into the hall. Embarrassed by my lateness, and I find out that there are arranged seats. I sat at the back. I guess I know why...

I speak too much about unrelated topics and always muck around in work and had never completed a single task in my own learning time, and, and, an-okay, I guess I got a little self-doubted about myself. Anyway, we were doing our goals, which I was behind on, but luckily it made a bit more sense once I had some help from others. And the new teacher Miss Komor checked my work, and helped a lot.

At Morning Tea I was quite fine, just looking at my sister play on the playground. For the whole time. Problem was, she left her sandals inside the classroom. The same type of sandals I wore a couple years back. Coincidence? Yes. I never knew.

Now onto the subject of the TRUMP Goals. It was on a Tuesday I finished my paper copy (because as we all know, my netbook was dead, and to the thought of that, I brought the money for a new charger, when I WAS LATE AGAIN!) and showed it to a teacher. Well, read to. Only a few words added, and I was ready to put it on a document, which was hard, because some other stuff happened.

Wednesday. The middle day. TRUMP Goals, again. I finished the digital doc copy, now I just needed to put it on a presentation. Great. But it would all make sense later on in the week. A lot of work was done, mostly the TRUMP Goals, but also, the Student Council applications, which close tomorrow (Monday 9th February). I felt a little confident, since I was chosen last time, but also, a little anxious, because, you know, what if I don't get in?

No, shouldn't be worried now. It's already been looked at. No backing down now.

Thursday. The last day of the week, since Waitangi Day was on Friday. To be truthful, the middle block could've been one of the most funniest moments OF MY LIFE. But that was just because I was getting off track.

One of the weirdest things I laughed at were the colours "White" and "Red". I had absolutely no idea, but I was laughing a lot. Then there was alien poop. And when the fire alarm went off, I immediately thought of the alien poop, because Tiere (friend) and I were talking as if living alien poop existed, and how she would give it to me for my birthday. I visioned it, and it was awful, how it would somehow run off away from me- and at the same time of that thought, the fire alarm went off.

I acted as if the alien poop set off the alarm, and tried to stay quiet and not burst out laughing, because, you know, it would be inappropriate. After a while, it was said to be a false alarm. Back inside, I still have the thought. And the alarm goes off again. One part of me says "Stay quiet, and don't laugh", while the other parts say "Oh, no, the alien poop did it...again...", making me and Tiere giggle, but I was worse. After a few minutes...the alarm goes off again. In my mind, I completely lose it.

And that is why that was the best moments of my life. For now, at least.

After lunch, there was the self management work the group had to do, and I was quite embarrassed on how my work was going.

Here was the report:

Student Council Ad - 40%
TRUMP - 30%
Homework - 10%
Work in general - 45%
Thought completion - 65%

Whereas Mehi (another friend) has almost finished all her work. Her S.C Ad, done. Her TRUMP presentation. Done. Her homework. Probably done. Her overall work. Mostly done. Thought completion. Off the mark.

Ended the week off with a TON of work to do, which leads me here. Back to the 2 Weekly Post. Hopefully the next fortnight won't end up in misfortune, because APPARENTLY, right now I had a sore head, a shaky mouth, shaky hands, a possible fever, weak legs, a headache.

Wait, I already said that. Oh, dang it.

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