Sunday, 8 February 2015

2 Weekly Post (27th January - 30th January)

 Hello, reader. Or readers. Reader, hello, reader.

The 2 Weekly Post is back in action, and by action, I mean school. See what I did there? Back in action? Back in school?

Anyway...I entered the school gates, naturally. Buildings still getting built, and if you didn't know, there's gonna be the new classes for Room 1 (Kia Kaha) and Room 10 (or, Kia Manawanui), a conference room (I think), a satellite classroom for Sommerville Special School, oh, I just can't wait to get in there!

But classes weren't ready yet, so Kia Manawanui were in the hall, and Kia Kaha were in the one of the old classrooms.

Moving on, one of the new students to the school was my sister! And wasn't she excited! She clinged onto me, and looked around the area she was in. My mum was there, as well. She told me to watch her, always come to her class, all that. But a little note slipped by...

Do not "baby" her, Willy. Don't.

No, seriously, I did think that. As she is 5 years old. And should learn by herself. Then, after the classes (or groups), we were in the classes. Then Morning Tea came by. To cut it short, I was babying my sister. Great choice, me...

And back in the hall, my group was doing an energizer. And to the sounds of it, I bet everyone was energized during our energizer. So energized, someone with the energy had the energetic honour of breaking a chair. Energetically. But all was well after that moment.

Then there was that "Right Family" task. Our listening was bad. I'm just saying that because where I was sitting, I guess I had my ears upside-down for every paragraph.

Wow, this is getting long. So, to end it, I was walking with my sister home, and Dad was there. It was so good. I don't know why it was good. But it felt good. Now onto Tues-no, I mean Wednesday. Mum was at school to "watch" my sister. And then, when it was awkward, Miss Barlow, my sister's teacher, caught us watching Abby, and not letting her do what she wants, and not relaxing. So, we decided to walk away.

We weren't worried at all. Well, A little bit. Now, with this longness (not a word) going on, I should summarize the next day in 6 sentences.

Thursday was great. Except no Technology. My sister's bag broke, so she used an old one from last year. I couldn't use my netbook due to it being dead, and my charger broken. I had a gift in art, Mrs Mauyag said during lunchtime. Mum was at the park, again, to be with my sister.

Now, onto Friday. We were doing our quilts, and I was not finished, because apparently I am not good at talking and working at the same time. ESPECIALLY if I am talking about the work. I find out there's a Pool Picnic Day happening in a few weeks time.

Because I'm still trying to get back into the "2 Week" feeling (get it?), I guess this is where the first week ends, really.

Oh yeah, my brother

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