Sunday, 22 February 2015

2 Weekly Post (16th Feb - 20th Feb)

Onto this week...

Monday was a pretty slow start to the week. I don't why I said that, but moving on. I could almost tell that I was going to get my charger today. And from that note I should skip into lunchtime, where I followed Paterita, friend (fake cousin too), take a fellow young man to the Old Tamaki Intermediate Hall, or, from now, the New Sommerville Special School Hall, which, by the way, and amazingly, my brother goes there.

Then later on in the day, there was a Duffy Assembly, with such an amazing theatre play with a great message. How I loved those. Such a sad this could be my last one. Hopefully it isn't.

The next day...

Tuesday was out of line. In the middle block a couple students and I went to Room One to help design a hero costume for the junior students. Now, we all know who I was going to go sister. And let's face it, as a brother looking at his sister at school, who yells non-stop when near her and practically doesn't listen...

That's not normal. But with a few drawings and a couple of almost blowing up, I finish my sister's mask. Which she rips. So I make another one. Too big. Another one. Too small. And then I make the one that's juust right. Which doesn't look good, so back to big we go, then.

And then it was after lunch that, well, surprised me, really. I was chosen for this Year's Student Council. There were many others too, but I bet I'm the only one in their second term. Amazing. I can just see it now, all of us just looking at something really seriously, in serious poses, with serio...sorry, imagination's running wild.

Wednesday. The Pools. Shouldn't explain too much, since I am writing a recount on it, and writing it here would be a waste. So, in summary...I get sunburned, Brandon's a squid, and everyone was all over me. Make sense? Moving on.

Thursday was the day where we were starting the recounts on the day. Mehi, friend, is crazy, and so am I. You'll never guess what I did in Morning Tea. But onto this point in time, for a period of time we were planning and looking at the pictures, and luckily for all of us, we started...on the planning. Then there was the Library, individual post below, and let me tell you, it was hard getting that book. Originally, I wanted The Last 13, but then HOW MANY PEOPLE took it, and there were more coming, so I took a random book, and never would I had guessed it.

It was a good book. Oh, yes, the new classrooms. The Year Eights were fortunate enough to take a peek at one of the school's new classrooms. Not to spoil, but it's got lockers, sinks, windows INSIDE the classroom looking out onto the hallway, and it's unbelievably big! Like the ceilings way high!

Oh, Morning Tea. I held a funeral for a dead crow. That was the chlorine talking. May Benjy the Crow now Rest in Peace, even though we knew you for two whole minutes.

At lunchtime, I cannot kid you silly, but I am sure Starr, friend (also fake cousin as well, but cousins with Paterita) had a blonde-brownish-like fringe-thing. I don't know, I'm not up-to-date with the language these days (that's why I type posts like this). Anyway, she looked so familiar, actually, I knew who the person was, actually.

And I have already mentioned this person once and never will I mention her again. No harsh reasons, just moving on. But thanks anyway, for kicking my neck, Caprice. Sad. And what did I do next? It's a bit harsh what I did. I begged her to change her hair colour. Not polite, but the memories! AH WHY!

In the hall, Mehi, friend, was, well, if I can say this..."high". At least that's what she said. But she was under the, and I would like to call it this, "Chlorine Sensation". The sensation of being in a state of confusion and euphoria, while also carrying the sense of hesitation and having epiphanies.

And what a nice way of ending the school day than to go down the dairy and buy something to refresh yourself. Although, now that I mention it, a lot of people came up to me, surprised to see me at the dairy after school. I mean, everyone does that, right? Especially me, the tall fella who's usually responsible in himself. Oh, wow, now I get it.

I was, technically still on the "Chlorine Sensation" from the pools. And with an energy drink, I was sure I wouldn't get all hyper and drunk-like. But I did. I was locked out of my house. No one answered the door. Stanley walks by, does the "Lonely Joke", and walks off. I figure out a way into the house, but under the "Chlorine Sensation", one does not do things logically. So, instead of knocking on the side door, I climb through a window, fall of a chair, and sleep in the sun.

Waking up. I only slept for a few minutes. And later on Mum, Dad, and my sister went to a prayer meeting. They came back half an hour later, and we have dinner. Chicken and Chips. Oh, goodie...

Friday. The day we were supposed to help put the learning materials into the new classroom. Unfortunately it wasn't safe yet, so I guess next week is when we'll do it. I'm so excited!

What a week. Y'know, I gotta say, something exciting happens every week. Take everyday as a gift, you never know what'll happen...

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