Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas Eve (1)

It's Christmas Eve.

It's night.

Almost 9:40p.m.

What happened at this point was Mum, Dad, and Abby going to a church Christmas Eve party. Don't know when they will actually be back, but I know it'll go through midnight and longer. Uncle's coming to check on me and Martin, I was told.

And before I knew it, they were gone. I guess SOMEONE wanted to go so badly (I'm talking about Abby), and what was I left with? Muffins. Sure, they'll get me through the night (!).

After watching the television for about 5 minutes, I decide to go upstairs, because Martin was up there by himself. Alone. In the dark. In his room. I check the windows and doors, turn the security lights on, and just to make sure, I turn off the lights downstairs. All of them. The only light left on was the upstairs one.

Upstairs, where a movie was on, I settle myself on the bed in my parents and Abby's bedroom. I start eating the muffins while I'm relaxing. Relaxing as in hearing alarming fireworks and experiencing unexpected events. Those events were the television suddenly changing the channel into static. Loud, alarming sounds ring my ears. I didn't know about Martin, but I knew about me. I could barely hear anything except muffled bangs and pops.

Later on into the night, I realise the windows in the bedroom were wide open, causing the curtains to, of course, fly in the wind. It looked like a figure gliding through the misty atmosphere.

I start to doze off the movie and then suddenly, the phone rings. I can tell it's Mum, obviously, as the phone said "Private". And usually, most "Private" calls are from Mum. So, you'll never guess...

It was Mum.

She was checking up on me and Martin, but the only fault was I could hardly hear anything from the phone. A loud background, or possibly feedback from a microphone. I asked if she'd call back because of the background noise. She said yes, and hanged up a few moments later.

I lay down, lights off, watching the movie on the television. Sad thing was, I couldn't understand the movie at all. Should've listened to the warning. Silly me.

So I changed the channel to music, and what do you know, I was hypnotized by the sounds of music through the music channels.

I look at my phone for the time. It was past 10:00p.m.

Giving my brother some muffins, most chocolate, I hear someone practically banging on the front door. I give a surprised look at Martin. He is oblivious to the noise and walks back into his bedroom in the most casual state I could imagine. Because usually he has a little move to his walk. Oh, yeah, the muffins, that's right.

I dash into Mum, Dad, and Abby's bedroom, and with no hesitation...just take a few little peeks through the curtains. There's a car outside. Gulp. There's more banging. Gulp. There's another individual that looks...oh, it's my uncle's girlfriend. That must mean...

Oh, goodness, I'll get the door...

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