Monday, 12 January 2015

New Years Eve 2014

One week on from Christmas, and it was settling down. The year was coming to an end, but we did not forget that another great year was to begin in hours. Earlier in the day, Dad went to a friend's house not so far away, and the weather was starting to get a bit rainy.

Spitting, as it looked.

So guess what Mum told me to do?

Run, or walk, in my perspective, down to interrupt the nice barbecue, few people chatting, music playing, and pull my dad away for a moment, then after, walk straight home! At least I got to catch up with a few people, for a short amount of time, and swing on a tree swing, but then an arm cramp occurred, and so Destiny did it and she was SWINGING HIGH ABOVE THE GROUND.

I wasn't jealous at all (!).

After a while, Dad comes back with a plateful of food, mostly barbecue.

Cut some time off, and we're only 3 hours away from reaching 2015. Mum, Dad, and Abby were, again, getting ready for church for the new years celebration, and it was clearly obvious they were going to come back after midnight. So I do some laundry went they're just about to go, but then give up on the other half of unfolded, yet clean, laundry. Back into the room it goes!

I go upstairs and hear the car back out of the driveway. Martin groans as he was going to stay in his room for the whole night. Awake. I was in the next room, the room that was, of course, Mum, Dad, and Abby's bedroom, listening to songs and watching the countdown to 2015. That was the news, by the way.

10:00 p.m. I was still watching TV, Martin was still in his room. They were still at the party. Mum said she'd call up, but there was nothing so far. At least Dad wasn't walking home this time! Ha!

Hungry, I try to go downstairs. That fails, as Martin is out of his room the moment I step on the 7th step. Realizing I've been caught, we both go downstairs to eat something. After we go back up, and he goes back into the bedroom. He was STILL hungry by the look of it.

But I was having none of it. Would you believe he was eating the whole day?! Well, not literally, but he was eating a lot. New Years wasn't so bright for him...

And before you know it, the final hour.

And I did absolutely what I was set out to do................nothing. That was just only because I had to check up on Martin every 10 minutes, but it seemed like 5 minutes, because time was going a bit fast, and to believe that this would be the first ever new years celebration with only two people in the house! And with no parents around! It was unbelievable! But I could believe, and so could Martin, so we just sat there.

And waited. And waited for a long time. Then a thought literally struck me. Struck as in, blew me. Blew as in, there was wind blowing through our bedroom window. I looked outside. There were fireworks going off. Wish I'd do that, but no adults around. Then I hear people cheering and talking about stuff far away, almost lie echoes. That's impossible for me and Martin to make that much noise.

Then I look to my left side of vision and can see the almost-good, almost-bad rose bush outside. So, I rush downstairs, and realise I have 5 minutes left on the clock. Literally. I open the sliding door, dash outside, and without realizing that roses have thorns, I silently ache in pain as I try to pull the roses off the bush. I run back inside to get scissors. It works, but I have a tough time getting them inside. I run BACK inside for a cloth (because I didn't have time for gloves) and grab the roses. Back inside now, 3 minutes to go, literally.

I grab hold of some old newspaper and try to wrap the roses in the paper. It was a success, and even without tape, as long as it would stay like that for at least and hour or so, it would work. A quick note that it has thorns, and a short letter saying happy new year for Mum and Dad (and Abby), and poof! Done! It's not the best work I've ever done because I'm not the kind of "gardening" (notice the quote marks) person.

Lock the door, slide the curtains, make it look like I never did it. Momentarily, I race upstairs to see the countdown on the television. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Then there was that moment. The moment in every start that something that was heavy on my shoulders was being lifted up, and I felt relieved to say that 2014 was, and is, now "last year".

I thought I could go sleep now, but what's safe about two young adolescences sleeping on a New Years Eve by themselves in their home? Exactly, so I stay up until Mum, Dad, and Abby come back home.

An hour later...

They're home! Safe and sound! And strange too, as I called Mum literally a minute ago. With some food to eat and some fizzy drinks, I was off to bed a bit hyper, but sleepy.

And just a catch up on New Years DAY...

America get's into the new year. Jennifer, a friend, is apparently in America. Don't get your hopes too high, I didn't believe that much of her statement. I needed proof. Story was, the LAST time she said she was going to America, she was still in Auckland. Talking about the girl who cried....."America"? I don't know, I'm bad at making fake....story titles.

Mum, Dad, and Abby go to ANOTHER celebration. Again. They explain to me that I'll go there someday, but obviously, that would never work. Trust me. The LAST time they said that was in 2010. Now zoom into 2015, I'm still at home. Bummer, but at least I was eating ice cream.

And so, I start off 2015 with ice-cream.

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