Sunday, 18 January 2015

Current Events!

This week's Current Events is...

Impaled head like 'gruesome Halloween mask'
By Lynley Bilby, Herald Sunday

What happened? A man approached a gas station calmly, surprising workers and the gas station owner himself. Backstory was said that he was approached by a bunch of people, and was punched repeatedly to the face and was then struck by an iron bar, which became impaled in his head. He drove to an open gas station. The iron bar was later removed from his head in hospital and was finally airlifted to another hospital.

He is currently in Waikato hospital and may be returning home in a few days.

Who was involved? The people involved in this event were Katikati Caltex owner Lester Gray, the female cashier that was approached by Adam Armitage, the man with the iron bar impaled, and phoned an ambulance, local men, who took pictures of Armitage to show what it looked like, and the unknown people that caused the problem.

When did it happen? This event might've happened

Where did it happen? This event happened in a Caltex gas station in a small North Island town, possibly Katikati, near Tauranga.

Why did it happen? It was lucky enough the Caltex gas station was open, as the reason why Armitage arrived there was for help, and help he got later. The reason for why the attack happened is unknown.

There were no new words in this article besides the familiar word "impaled", which means:

- transfix or pierce with a sharp instrument.

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