Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas Eve (3)

Now with what is happening with Dad, he was, as I would say from his perspective, walking a long way. Because our church was a bit far for walking, and it would take, like, I don't know...half an hour? So, I waited that long.

Then it was past 11:30p.m.

He still wasn't home...


I start to get worried. What if, he doesn't come back? That was not a risk I was gonna take, so before I start thinking of running outside to the left and then just finding Dad, I take a lie down and listen to some tunes.

Midnight. It's dark outside, not to forget cold. Still watching the television, witnessing the curtains still flying from the windy air. I wish I would close it, but, it was just refreshing, especially when you're alone by yourself and somehow you're sweating...

It was Christmas. Day. Morning. Early morning. And soon I would say "Merry Christmas" and all that kinda stuff. I would give hugs and kisses and give gifts to many. So, knowing that this was going to be a great day for all of us, I told myself to go sleep. Sleep in their room I thought. Dozing off into dreamland, I then hear voices. One of them sounding a lot more than dad than just a random person.

I get myself up and walk to the window. Gazing out onto the window, guess who I found? My dad! He was just having a chat with my uncle and his girlfriend, wearing his aloha shirt, and why, he looked really tall from a distance in the streetlights!

So, carefully, I run down the stairs. It's probably ten minutes to one. And now, I put my hand on the doorknob, and I turn the handle...

But first I'll just...turn on the light. Who turned it off? Anyway, the security light's back on, and I open the door. They look at me. Dad looks surprised. I wait a while, pretending to look at the light, and then, slowly, walk...away...into the kitchen.

So, after, Dad comes in, and my uncle and his girlfriend drive off.

Then my dad goes for a walk...

After almost half an hour, amazingly, he comes back, and tells me to come down. I walk down, and his arms are open, waiting for a hug. We hug and say "Merry Christmas" to each other. It was long before Mum and Abby came back. Probably 2a.m. Or nearly 3a.m! And boy, didn't they bring gifts! There were new bibles, toys, foods, drinks, a steam cooker?! Clothes?!

I never realized these gifts were different this year...

Back to the thought of sleeping, I rushed upstairs without notice to sleep.

Christmas morning then came.

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