Thursday, 18 December 2014

My Sister's Early Birthday

Today was my sister's, well, let's say, early celebrated birthday.

At least I was told that by my Mum, who was at Kindergarten with her. Noting that Kindy wouldn't be on next week, and her birthday's next week, who would've thought that they would celebrate her birthday today?!

She sat on that kind of "Special Chair" for someone who would have their birthday, and the teacher, well, one of the teachers went through her portfolio. It included a lot of positive stuff about how she was developing her literacy and all that other stuff.

Mum came back home without my sister, but did bring something back. Her birthday hat. It was big, and could actually her head when she came back! Amazing!

She's starting school next year, and before I continue, it's obviously obvious what school she's going to. I don't even have to say it, just scroll up to the title of this blog and you'll find out easily. Anyway, she's starting school next year, so, it would be fair that she would leave kindy this year.

Although I hope she's good at school next year. I will have to walk with her to school. Which really changes my lifestyle of walking to school.

Wow, 2015 changes everything.

Moving on from the fact that things will change next year, I took a picture of my sister wearing her birthday hat. Why? One, to put on this post, and two, because she begged me to.

Seriously. And the end result...

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