Monday, 15 December 2014

2 Weekly Post (December 8th - December 14th) - Part Two

Welcome back to the finale of "The 2 Weekly Post".

Left at the entrance of Auckland Hospital. A car's worst nightmare. Second worst, behind traffic jams. Full carparks.

And now...
The sun was beating down on us. Mostly the car, but the windows were open, so it was shining. I am unfamiliar about the time, so I wonder. What time is it?

We still couldn't find a space for minutes. After the boiling point, Mum ended up looking at a car for what seemed like a minute, just getting ready to park out and go. Then she came in, and we were all happy. Well, that was me, I don't know about Abbie. She wanted to "go" really badly.

I wasn't worried. I was only worried if something was wrong with me. So, to cut a few minutes of your reading time..........zoooooooo, elevator, oooooooooo, crying, ooooooooooo, toilets, oooooooo, and I waited outside, by myself. I admired the painting, which was weird, because it looked like a door that had white paint all over it.

Then Mum and Abbie came out, and we went off. To the receptionist up some flight of stairs, we were waiting for a while for the appointment. For me. Then Abbie. After what seemed like 5 minutes, I was checked for my height and weight, and to believe that my lie came true! I was 57 kilograms! Wow, I should not have said that.

But all was well in the end. There's nothing wrong with me! I'm just a tall guy, who's gone through puberty. Hence the tallness. My sister has nothing wrong with her, except for her apparent skin problem. I was only told to drink more fluids as much as I can, and to add salt to my diet. Lovely!

My sister, on the other hand, needed to cut down on rice bubbles. The cereal, yes. And to take some cream for her skin, as it is dry, and she has eczema, so...yeah, that's probably alright for her.

After the appointments, we brought some dinner for...dinner, had dinner, cleaned the table, did all that stuff.

Then...that day came. The "End of School" day. It was all good at first, some of us were doing this, some of us were doing that. Some of us were helping, and then sat on the mat. The farewell assembly for two teachers, Mr Wong and Miss May, was scheduled for later that day.

Morning Tea came, and it was getting close. The old friend I was talking about before, he was there as well through the whole week, because his college finished. In my opinion, he was a great help.

Then, the assembly was on. Farewell videos were shown, big cards were given, and a performance was shown. Performance being Teina's group, which I was in. It went well perfectly. Perfectly timed, perfectly done. Probably the best highlight of the day.

The downside was, obviously, being the farewelling to the Year Eights. I went out early, but stayed near the gates, having a talk with Taylor's Nana. We were talking about how it'll be so hard to move on next year, and that next year will the changing year.

All of a sudden, I had years of flashbacks come right at me.

I couldn't help but cry. Not of sadness, well, yeah, that, but also, from the fact that we must move on. We'll see each other again! Probably...not for some of you, but still, we'll remember each other! I just couldn't believe this was happening. I had to say the word, "Bye..." and while me and Nana were talking, we found out that it's so easy to say "Hi", but it's just too hard to say "Bye".

But you can't just wave and smile. You really need to let it out. I needed time to recover, the most less happiest way possible, I walk home. Alone. In the showery-rain.

But that's not all. I found out at home I forgot to get my report that I was SUPPOSED to get yesterday, but was in an appointment. I finally got it, and it was amazing, in my opinion. Especially at the back.

Everything was "Always".

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