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2 Weekly Post (December 8th - December 14th) - Part One

Welcome back, reader. Must've actually listened to that, uh, thingy, didn't you?

So, moving on, it was Monday. The start of the ending week of school. Or however it's supposed to sound like to make sense.

So, moving along. Monday. Bit fuzzy to remember, let's move to...oh, wait, it was the last day of being in the classroom OF Room 8! We had our time, well, it had its time, and I don't know what will happen, except for the fact that it may be the Art Room next year (2015).

It was quite sad. Actually, it was really sad. To be in the class for the last time.

Then Tuesday came along and I know one moment of that day that stood out. Well, two. KiwiCan, and the Room 7 and 8 Shared Lunch. It was fun, but I found out that I am terrible to be with when wearing a Santa Hat. I'm serious. There was this last time, and I think I mentioned, that that last time I wore a Santa Hat, the radio was gone for the day, and I didn't do anything but just use the computer. Oh, no, wait. My computer broke last year. I had to use the original computer I used for blogging two years back.

But back to this year, Chasity was struggling to keep up with me, wearing the hat. First, while we were walking, I randomly stopped for a moment, and she bumped into my shoulder, and then about two seconds later, she tripped over something. We laughed. And then, another thing happened. When I was setting up the tables. Removing the bean bag chairs, and polystyrene came out of nowhere, everywhere.

Then when trying to get a table, it toppled over, making a horrendous sound on impact. Then the table behind it toppled after a moment or so.

So I came to my conclusion. Wearing a Santa hat, I am bad luck. To myself, and others. Myself, yes. While even talking about bad luck to Chasity after some time, and saying some random stuff, like, "Oh, I hope a tree doesn't run you down.", and then, the strangest thing happened...

No, Chasity did not get run down by a tree.

I was shin-kicked by someone whose name shall not be named, but it's almost the end of the year, so what the heck. Caprice. She's a good friend, but can be very pushy, or shall I say, kicky, sometimes. Anyway, I was shin-kicked and got frustrated that my luck had now turned. I ended up chasing her.

My leg was aching, so what would be better than a bath after school? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

I know, the water's too hot, and you accidentally slip. Naked. Ooh, shouldn't say that. I mean, "Naked", as in "tired".

Oh, so, anyway, that's my LUCKY TUESDAY RIGHT THERE, EVERYONE.

Wednesday came along, and again, my leg was aching, along with other parts of my body, which really meant that I was in turmoil because of one person. But I don't really blame them, but I thought that just in case, I would get answers for why I was shin-kicked, and got them. Caprice then hit me with some glasses, and wow, did that hurt? Yes, it did.

But other than that, again I say that. There was a Prize Giving practise for the Year Eights, and it was emotional, because, if you haven't noticed, they're going and leaving!

I almost cried for parts of it, but that didn't beat the actual thing, which was on Thursday. I brought tissues along in case, well, you know, if things turned into a screening of "Titanic", I mean, seriously, that movie's sad at one point.

There was the part emotional, part independent, part deep, part humorous speeches made by Mavis and Jayden, along with some awards, then a moving speech from the guest speaker, Miss Latoya, and gosh, it was moving. I said that already. Oops. It moved me. But not only me, the Year Eights, too.

Then there was the band performance, and guess what? I got an award! So did Chardonnay! And we were both Year Sevens! But that was ONLY because we were in the Student Council, and it wouldn't be fair if the Year Eight Student Council got the award, right?

Actually, it would. But, hey, it was fair enough.

By the time the whole thing finished, I was alarmed to see my mum! Wow, my luck's playing up with me! She came to tell em my appointment was, in her words...


So, I developed a state of shock and, uh, sadness, as I, if I didn't tell you, had to go to an appointment about my height, and my sister's. I'm practically 6 foot, now.

Now, with almost everyone outside, and at the moment your mum walks out the door after telling you to get home right now, what's the first thing you do?

Run as if the world's gonna end. Literally say goodbye to your friends and family relatives. Literally, it was like the end of the world. You may have bumped into someone, causing them to drop a trophy or two, but it was worth it (really?), as you said sorry many times. Grabbing your bag and farewelling two teacher aides, you race out of the school, and the next thing you know, you're in a car on your way to Auckland Hospital.

But it doesn't end there. There's hardly any parking space, and depending on what will happen next, it will take a while.

In this concluding week of Tamaki Primary, will there be an available parking space for the three (Me, Mum, and Abbie), or will everything turn to custard? Also, what will happen on the last day of school? Triumph, or toil?

Next time, on the 2 Weekly Post...

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