Monday, 15 December 2014

2 Weekly Post (December 1st - December 7th)


Hi, blog, just going to run through some amazing events I experienced in the last weeks of school, also the last two weeks of school. I don't know if that was to be in that way or the other way. I don't what I'm saying, but I'll get right to it.

One day, on Thursday the...4th of December, which was the 4th day of official summer, yay, it was the Dine and Dance for the Year Sevens and Eights. it was a great time and many photos were taken, I can tell you that. Man, if I had a dollar for every photo taken in that time period...I'd be so rich right now.

But that's not the point. Everyone looked amazing! But wanna know the worst thing about it?

The next day. It clearly sprang to my mind. Everything...was...normal.

Oh, yeah, that's right, there was an Inter-Schools Athletics Day I went along. I was in high jump for the Year 7 boys, along with Brooklyn...yeah, just him. I came 5th overall...I think. I don't know. I'm not really good at scoring and placing, and statistics, and scores, and...

Nevermind that. Oh, goodness, me, I have a weird computer. Doesn't know what the word, "Nevermind", is. But moving aside from the day, which was on Wednes...

Oh, no, wait, was it Wednesday? 

I think it was. 

It was sunny.

Oh yes, and the day before that! Tuesday! Wow, I hope I'm not gonna keep going back in time with these flashbacks, but anyway....TUESDAY THE 2ND OF SUMMER WAS AMAZING. Why, some may ask this particular crazy blogger? Well, there was this trip to Rainbow's End, for the students who did something for the school, like, uh, being in the Student Council, being a Road Patroller, etc., and let me tell you. It was my first time. And it went better than I thought.

I thought I would wimp out of the Stratosfear.

I didn't. Actually, I don't know how I got into that kind of mess, anyway, but let's just say it was from an old friend...who kindly offered to help the school, but that's another story.

Anyway, a quick description of the Stratosfear, for those who have never been on it...

You'll regret it from the moment you sit down. When it starts swaying, it's too late. A few seconds in, and you're already scared for your life, but you try to distract yourself by yelling someone's name from above, or waving at someone who's in the waiting line.

Then a minute later, all is lost. Your mouth is gone. Only what you see and hear is important. Screams, oh, the screams. Then you recover from your "non-speaking". Two minutes in, and you start you realise it's just too scary to handle. Seriously. So, in case something happens, you start yelling out your will. It makes sense for me...

Willy with a Will.

But wanna know the weirdest part? You're sitting there, helpless, scared for your life, HOLDING for your life, and then to your left is a complete stranger, you don't even know, laughing out loud. Look to your right, and your friends are screaming, also. You know you're not the only one.

You close your eyes, and mouth, and repeat the word "No" really fast in your head. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no...". Then, you had the false sensation of safety. You open your eyes. You're wrong. Instead, you're looking straight at the ground, your legs dangling. You're thinking to yourself how you got here.

Four minutes in, and you think it's over. It probably is.

And then it ends. You feel a bit dizzy, but you're fine.

Then after some rides, and a miracle of getting water, you finally realise it was all worth it.

So! Anyway! That was something about one ride I'll never forget.

And that...was my week. Of two weeks.

With only one more week remaining for school, what WILL happen? Will it end in remembrance, or will it end in tears? Find out what happens, or, to be clear, what happened, on the 2 Weekly Post.

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