Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week Two - 2 Weekly Post

This week was hectic. Lots of the Year 8's and 7's were off to camp on Tuesday, and according to the posts I did this week, I didn't go.

Speaking of posts, I forgot to mention I reached my 600 post milestone!

Yeah, amazing! Anyway, moving on, for the whole week me, Mary-Jane, and her cousin/a best mate of mine Kereama, stayed in Room 1 to do our work, yes, but also, help with them for anything.

It was better than I thought it would be. I thought the three of us would just be in the corner, doing some work, whispering, but I was so wrong! It was fun, yes, fun with little children. The funniest things come out of their mouths sometimes. Now I have a full, clear picture of what Abby would be like next year.

Tuesday. The day of the Teddy Bear Shared Lunch. Me, MJ, and Kereama were helping with the preparations for the event, with lots of food and drinks. And if you think preparing it was hard enough, because me and Kereama practically walked the whole school area 6 times just to get some sheets, when actually, Mary-Jane already found some in the class, serving drinks was more harder. Little kiddies running towards you, holding their cups to your face.

And the teachers telling you to hurry. It was funny.

"I feel so pressured!" I yelled happily and frantically.

Wednesday was, of course, the day of the 7th Annual Manaiakalani Film Festival. But before we went, and I did post about this, a bird came into Room 1, flying around, and staying in the windowsill, above Miss Barlow's desk. Guess who had to get it out?

Me. As said before.

But I was so scared of the noise it made. The flapping of its wings. But after some time it flew out.

Lucky. Then after the festival there was the commenting on the movies back at school. Then after that...something happened.

Oh, yeah, a late Morning Tea. And a late Lunchtime.

Thursday was a normal day. Work, a picture, a birthday on a day, a birthday on that day (Simon's, probably, or probably not), but he wasn't here, so...


Friday came along and Kereama was there was his birthday! And also, the most amazing thing happened to me that became my greatest highlight of my week...

A magical tie.

I'm not being weird here. This tie-like paper tie actually helped me throughout the day. It cheered me up in Morning Tea while getting a drink. It was flying, and there was no wind, no. I never felt the wind. But it was awesome. Walking around with a tie in mid-air. And in my face.

Then there was a wish. Mary-Jane was talking constantly to me, and so I wished that 'she would be quiet for just a moment', and then guess what? A ball mysteriously came out of nowhere, almost hitting her face. And she was quiet for a few seconds. My wish came true!

Then there was the time where Rooms 1, 2, and 3 watched 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa', and let me tell you, there was SO much talking! And so, I made a wish for everyone to 'be quiet for a while', because Mary-Jane thought the tie didn't work, and I did it. Guess what? They were all quiet, and the movie audio was all I heard.

Amazing. Ooh, and one more wish. It was just after school and Mary-Jane and her sister Katarina just said bye to me, and started walking away, and this idea came out of no where. To scare them quietly. And run fast to get to them.

And so it started, the race to scare. Wishing while running slowly, I start pacing, run faster than I ever have before, no one spoiling the surprise. Then, I tiptoed near to them, bent a little, and then said...

"Hey, guys..."

And they got a fright. Amazing. Just...made my day, that tie.

And what it said was really amazing, even though it's Telecom. Or, as I now need to call them, Spark...

Enjoy your next fortnight!

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