Friday, 14 November 2014

Thinker's Keys: Ridiculous Key

Today I had to justify this statement: All children should stay at school until they have finished all their work.

Here is what I wrote:

We should have all children stay at school until they have completed all of their day's work.

It's simple. This strategy will show more of the self managing side of our school, and with that there, we have less people 'procrastinating' on them social network sites, and we both know that that affects their learning. But that's not all.

We all like to talk. Talking all day long, to others we know and love, but we know that most of us cannot talk WHILE also working, and the more they talk, the less work they finish. That's also why we should have ALL children stay at school until they've finish their day's work.

ALL CHILDREN. Especially the ankle-biters in Room 1. I know by research some of them don't usually finish ALL their work, and we know that if they start 'unworking' now, they will grow up to being all:

"Oh, I'll just leave this for later", and then the next you know, that piece of work is not a piece of cake. Not finished, or maybe not even done at all!

That's the exact kind of behaviour that is happening in our school right now. Yep, you know it, I know it, even they know it! But do they give a care? Probably not, they should stay here, until they've done their work!

No need to be harsh, but as said before, this will show some discipline and show more of the 'self-managing' side of our school. The whole world would be looking at us for the amount of work we could be doing.

So go on, get your coffee ready, because this will take a while.

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