Friday, 7 November 2014

Technology Challenge T4W4

Today, for this technology challenge, the class were split up into groups for another challenging challenge. It was to make the longest bridge that could stay stable, and be able to have a mini car go through, from one side to the other, and then back.

My group were stuck at first, but thanks to Teina and Starr, we were able to make the simplest design. Cards made and cut longer to make sure it was long, and the sides bent over so the car wouldn't fall over.

After 2 tests done, we were halfway there for the actual test. I, for one, was excited, whereas some were hopeful and faithful, and another one explaining the possible outcome...

We would lose.

But thankfully, and it was a miracle, our bridge made it. Over 120 centimetres and it was still good. And then 140 came, then it failed. But we did it.

Then the last team came along, and beat us by ONE SING CENTIMETRE!

But still, we came second. A great accomplishment, even though we didn't come first, but at least it was good fun.

The End.

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