Friday, 7 November 2014

My 600th!


I just want to say I feel grateful to say that this is my 600th Blogpost.

It took a while, but I made it. My next goal...700! And who knows when that'll come up!

What a great journey this has been so far, blogging new stuff, like that Movenote video I did last term. That was quite fun, having a few laughs at my mistakes, and then starting again, and again, and again, and a...anyway, I enjoyed a lot, and my year as a Year 7 is going particularly well.

Yeah, my charger's broken.

Yeah, my netbook's dead.

Yeah, I'm using another netbook that someone gratefully offered.

But still, I am here today to celebrate this event. Quietly, as this is being posted in class with no one but me, but that's because it's lunchtime.

Oh my, I don't want this feeling and post to go away. But unfortunately it has to.

Oh! And I almost forgot in the last post about a new milestone, I forgot to mention that I'm halfway to 1000 posts! Well, not any more, as this is 600 we're talking about.

Next goal for now...


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Miss Kyla said...

Willy! Tamaki's most prolific blogger! Congratulations on reaching your 600th post. I would agree that you have had a successful year as a Year 7 and have LOVED having you in Room 8 this year with Mr Wong. Your blog is so entertaining. We love following it and reading it! Keep it up and good luck with your next goal!

Miss Kyla

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