Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A the classroom

Hey Bloggy,

This week in Room 1 has been sensational. Shared lunches, some other stuff. This morning, a couple minutes ago, a bird was found flying across the classroom. Literally, a the class.

And guess who had to save everyone? Ahem, me...

Dang that pigeon. Flying everywhere. Scaring almost everyone. Especially the teachers (and I do apologise for anyone reading this, I just wanted to say it). It was flying into the window, and I tried anything to get it out. Sitting down and waving at it didn't help, so standing up and waving it was the net thing to do.

It was scaring us all, and I needed to get Mr Fepuleai to help. But guess what happened?

I ended up with a stick, practically poking the bird outside.

And it was finished, and I learned my lesson. When a pigeon casually walks in your classroom, don't play nice...

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