Sunday, 30 November 2014

2 Weekly Post (24th November - 30th November)

Now on this week, it was the last week of the season of spring. To start off this week of probably some misfortunes, as it was always the last week of a season that bad things would suddenly burst out, before springing into a new season. Now anyway, I was first sick again from another nightmare, and I still went to school.

I hardly moved because I was light-headed this time. I was excused from P.E in the last minutes so I could rest, and thank goodness I did. I was tired from just running!

Tuesday came along and, again, something bad happened. My netbook was a meanie, and died on the spot, and apparently, chargers have suddenly became unavailable. Great.

At least some work was done to a high standard.

Then there were some after hour speech work! It was by coincidence, I'm sure. I just wanted to do my speech. And I did, with the help of two helpful people.

Well, I would call them 'helpful' if the other one did help me. Oh, well.

Wednesday came along, and, with no surprise, my sister came to school! For an hour or two. And gosh, was she the naughtiest girl I ever saw. Yelling, jumping around. I'd be deaf right now if I was with her. And then other children started yelling, and kicking, I mean why?!

She got a telling off from me, for the sake of my ears. And mouth.

At least I took a day from school. Instead, it was a day at the AAIMS Athletics for the Year 7's and 8's. I was the one for, yes, high jump. I didn't do so well. I can't jump 1.25 metres! Goodness! But other than that experience, I met a few people, and another bad thing happened, but it wasn't temporarily bad, I got more than I bargained for when Simon kept saying how great St Heliers was. And guess what?

They were right next to us. So saying 'Shush!' out loud is perhaps not a good idea. At least I complimented their school, that took their mind off. I think.

Anyway, most of us did a fine good job there.

Friday came along, and, as expected, an assembly was being held as it wasn't on last week. It was all going according to plan, because it was well organised. A rap battle was occurring, with me in it. I won in the end. I was practically kicked in the back of the neck by a girl, while trying to grab the microphone off her.

I did not deserve that.

And also, it was Jennifer's last day here for a while. She was going to the U.S for a family reunion. I walked with her up the hill, then we said our goodbyes, and hugged in front of everyone. Awkward.

And on Sunday, the official last day of spring. And I sit here, eating an ice-block that's filled with my favourite ice-cream.


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